Shorty Gable Gets Over Baron Corbin at Hell in a Cell

Chad Gable Defeat Baron Corbin at Hell In A Cell 2019
Chad Gable Defeat Baron Corbin at Hell In A Cell 2019

Chad Gable, now monikered as Shorty Gable, has finally defeated Baron Corbin at Hell in a Cell 2019 show.

Baron Corbin and Chad Gable started their feud with the final of King of the Ring 2019 tournament where Corbin won and got the title of King Corbin. As Corbin got coronated, his first act was to call out Gable and rain him over with short jokes and got destroyed in return. They would face each other once again at RAW where Corbin used his scepter to avoid submitting under the ankle lock.

The match was announced just a few hours before Hell in a Cell started. Before the match, Corbin once again took the mic and take shots at Gable’s height and stature. As soon as the bell rang, an infuriated Gable unleashed on Corbin, hitting him with his agile moves quickly but after some time, Corbin started gaining ground.

Corbin tossed Gable around and into the corner before assaulting him out of the ring as well. Soon enough, Gable got his composure back and started attacking Corbin again to get some momentum to his side. He hit Corbin with a Moonsault and attempted to pin him but Corbin kicked out.

Gable also survived after a Deep Six and Corbin had to bring in his scepter once again in an attempt to get the advantage. But the referee interfered as Gable snuck in from behind and got a pin on Corbin, getting his victory and redemption.

However, it was Corbin again who got the last laugh when he attacked Gable during a backstage interview. The story is likely to continue over RAW or SmackDown episode.

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