The Shield gave farewell to Dean Ambrose after RAW

Ambrose Shield Farewell 8 April 2019
The Shield gave Farewell to Dean Ambrose after RAW

As it is been discussed for months, Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE. Last night at RAW, he was supposed to have his last match against Bobby Lashley but it got ruined. But later in the night, his Shield Brothers gave him a proper send off after RAW went off-air.

Last week after RAW went off-air, Dean Ambrose came out to bid his farewell to the crowd in Washington. This week, he came out to huge pop at RAW for his match against Bobby Lashley. But as Lashley came out flanked with Lio Rush, he took a shot at Ambrose by saying that he will take care of his wife Renee Young after he leaves. Ambrose attacked Lashley and brutalized him and Rush at ringside. He cleared the announce table but Lashley hit him with a spear and send Ambrose through the table. Renee and the crew took him back and Renee later updated in the commentary that Ambrose is fine.

After the show went off-air, Seth Rollins took the mic to address the crowd at Barclays Center and asked Roman Reigns and Ambrose to come out. Rollins heaped the praise on Ambrose and when the crowd asked Ambrose to stay, Rollins said that he has tried to convince Ambrose for it. Ambrose took the mic and remembered that they have their first match at Barclays Center itself at TLC event in 2012. He also reminded that he won the tag team championship with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam at the same arena. He thanked the crowd for their love and support that they have given all throughout his time in WWE. Roman, Rollins and Ambrose ended the segment with their Shield Pose.

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