Shawn Michaels Reveals NXT Invasion Details on WWE Backstage Premiere

NXT Invades SmackDown 1 November 2019
Triple H with NXT Champions Adam Cole and Shayna Baszler at SmackDown 1 November 2019 episode

WWE Hall of Famer and NXT Trainer Shawn Michaels was the special guest at WWE Backstage premiere episode last night and revealed how NXT’s invasion of SmackDown went on.

SmackDown and RAW’s most of the roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia after the Crown Jewel due to mechanical issues in the flight. WWE tried to pull out around 20 main staff members for SmackDown, but they were also not able to reach the United States in time for SmackDown. Hence, NXT talent was called up and the invasion angle was set up in a hurry.

There were some previous reports that NXT talent reached Buffalo Airport at 7:55 PM ET. That is just 5 minutes before SmackDown was supposed to start and the talent was scouted by Police Vehicles to the venue in a hurry. Shawn Michaels confirmed that it was indeed the case when he appeared at WWE Backstage premiere.

On-screen, the NXT invasion angle started with Triple H and Shawn Michaels looking at Brock Lesnar, who was leaving SmackDown at the time. Michaels told that he reached the venue just minutes before that show. He dropped his bag and Triple H told him to come with him for the said shot.

NXT Champion Adam Cole defended the title against Daniel Bryan at SmackDown last week. Michaels also commented that he is so proud of both Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan for putting up such a great match.

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