Rowan Attacks Buddy Murphy at SummerSlam After He Rats Him Out

Rowan has attacked Buddy Murphy at SummerSlam 2019 pre-show in retaliation to Murphy revealing him as the alleged attacker of Roman Reigns.

Rowan Attacked Buddy Murphy SummerSlam 2019
Rowan Attacked Buddy Murphy SummerSlam 2019

In the past couple of weeks, Roman Reigns was subjected to some planned attacks from a mystery man. First, the scaffolding and production equipment fell on him at SmackDown two weeks back as he was going to reveal his SummerSlam opponent. Then last week at RAW, some tried to run him over with a car. Then, at SmackDown last week, Buddy Murphy, who was seen at the site of the first accident, revealed that he saw Rowan there.

At SummerSlam pre-show, Buddy Murphy faced off with Apollo Crews in a random match. Things were seemingly going well from Murphy as he looked in control of the match by executing a suicide dive at the ringside. However, as he was about to get back into the ring, Rowan attacked him from behind and went on to demolish him by crashing him into the barricades multiple times. All this while, Daniel Bryan continued to watch the incident at a screen backstage.

Earlier, there were rumors that Daniel Bryan was Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker. As per the report, the angle would have meant that Roman and Bryan would have faced off at SummerSlam. But later, WWE decided to let the story play out rather than ending the angle in a hurry. The feud is expected to continue over RAW and SmackDown this week.