GCW The Coolest Winter Results & Live Updates

Welcome to the live results and updates blog from GCW The Coldest Winter on February 26, 2022, from Los Angeles, CA.

This is the second event of the LA Shot combo weekend. The highlights of the night are going to be AEW star Thunder Rosa vs Tony Deepen in an Intergender match, and a “Do or Die” match between Alex Zayne and Jimmy Lloyd.

Ninja Mack vs Jack Cartwheel, Mascara Dorada vs Gringo Loco, Blake Christian vs Mike Bailey and Jordan Oliver vs Dark Sheik are also announced.

Join us as we post live results and updates from GCW: The Coldest Winter 2022 event with winners and highlights. Also, you can check the live streaming in the above embedded video or check this link to order the show for $13.99.

GCW The Coldest Winter Results

  • Ninja Mack defeated Jack Cartwheel in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jordan Oliver defeated Dark Sheik in an Intergender match via pinfall.
  • Thunder Rosa defeated Tony Deepen in an Intergender match via pinfall.
  • Jimmy Lloyd defeated Alex Zayne in a Do or Die Deathmatch via pinfall.
  • Second Gear Bussy defeated Team LA Fights in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Kevin Blackwood defeated Grim Reefer in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Mascara Dorada vs Gringo Loco
  • Blake Christian vs Mike Bailey

GCW Welcome to Heartbreak Live Updates

Janela Speaks!

The show opens with Joey Janela sitting in the ring. The fans boo as he lights up a cigarette. Janela apologizes again and again before saying that he carried GCW for the last five years. He explains that he is focusing on himself and X-Pac had his moment yesterday at his expense, just like everyone else has. He asks when the fans will appreciate him and when he’ll get his flowers.

X-Pac comes out to the ring. Janela apologizes to him again. X-Pac calls Janela a piece of s**t and says GCW Heartbreak was a perfect night for him, but got ruined. He tells us how Janela has been asking him for a singles match for 6 years, and he will get his flowers at at Joey Janela’s Spring Break at The Collective.

Ninja Mack vs Jack Cartwheel

Jack Cartwheel does a cartwheel before the match. Mack tries to one up him. They asks the referee to do the same and the referee also does a cartwheel. The match starts and Mack goes to the top after taking down Cartwheel. Cartwheel goes to the floor to avoid a top rope move. Quick action from both men as they counter each other.

Cartwheel hits a dive from the top. Mack gets his knees up on a Moonsault. Mack hits a kick which bust open Cartwheel’s lip. Cartwheel fires back with a kick and a superplex. Cartwheel hits a German suplex before locking in a Full Nelson. Mack comes back with an Atomic Drop. More quick action. Mack hits a spinning heel kick. Cartwheel comes back with a combo. Cartwheel hits a dive on the floor. Back in the ring, Mack counters with a roll-up to get the pin.

Winner – Ninja Mack

Jordan Oliver vs Dark Sheik – Intergender match

Dark Sheik takes the early control. Oliver comes back with a boot to the back. Sheik locks in a submission for a while. Sheik hits a boot in the corner, dives from the apron and a legdrop on Oliver. Oliver comes back with quick moves. Oliver puts on an abdominal stretch. Sheik takes shots at the midsection. Oliver misses a running kick. Shiek hits a Hurricanrana as she hypes up. She hits a spinning heel kick for a two-count. They trade shots in the ring. Oliver hits a dropkick and a suplex for a near fall. Shiek goes for a submission, but Oliver counters with a cover on the top to get the pin.

Winner – Jordan Oliver

Thunder Rosa vs Tony Deepen – Intergender match

Deppen shoves Rosa away and Rosa slaps him back. Rosa brings down Deepen and puts on the cross armbreaker. Deppen reverses it to a headlock. More grappling follows. Deepen with a few kicks before Rosa reverses a powerbomb. Rosa hits some chops in the corner. Deppen back with knee strikes and a dropkick. Rosa reverses with a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Deepen slams her into the ringpost.

Deppen locks her in a neck submission and then delivers a number of forearms. Rosa hits a Stunner and follows with more quick moves. Rosa and Deppen trade shots. Rosa gets better of Deepen with knees and kicks. Deppen comes back with a Tombstone Piledriver for a near fall. Deppen hits a superplex and more moves. Rosa hypes up and hits Clothesline and drops Deepen into the mat. Deppen comes back into the match. Rosa counters on the top turnbuckle. They trade more strikes before getting a pin with a roll up.

Winner – Thunder Rosa

Alexa Zayne vs Jimmy Lloyd – Do or Die Deathmatch

Zayne with an early advantage in the match with a hurricanrana and dropkick. But, then he misses a moonsault on the floor. He then counters Lloyd to sends him through a barbed-wire door. Lloyd is busted open and Zayne keeps control. Lloyd sends Zayne over the top rope and through the table. Lloyd sets up the barbed wire door in the ring now and Zayne ends up hitting him with a hurricanrana, sending him through the door.

Lloyd puts a thumbnail filled taco in Zayne’s mouth. Zayne takes down Lloyd and sets up a pane of glass on top of the chairs. Zayne dives through the glass and lands on Lloyd below it. Lloyd sends Zayne through a pane of glass in the corner. Zayne is bloodied all over. Lloyd sets up another pane of the glass in the corner. Zayne counters with a double stomp. Lloyd drives Alex Zayne through the pane of glass that he earlier set up and gets the pin.

Winner – Jimmy Lloyd

Second Gear Bussy(Effy, Matthew Justice, AJ Gray & Allie Katch) vs Team LA Fights(Jai Vidal, Sandra Moone, Hunter Freeman)

Second Gear Bussy with the early advantage. Vidal takes out everyone on the outside. Effy and Vidal fight until AJ Gray drops Vidal with a clothesline. Sandra Moone then goes after AJ Gray. Moone comes in and beats up AJ Gray. Katch and Justice get involved. Everyone ends up getting in the ring as Team LA gets surround by Second Gear. SGB try to pin Team LA and they all kick out. Moone hits a dropkick. Justice and Gray hits Freeman with a door. Hunter counters and body slams Justice through the door. Effy and Freeman go at it and then, Allie and Moone go at it. SGB hits signature moves in quick succession to get the win.

Winner – Second Gear Bussy

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