Top 5 Dream Matches For Edge After Randy Orton Rivalry

Check out List of Top 5 opponents for a dream match against Edge from the current WWE roster- AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Aleister Black, Kevin Owens, Adam Cole.

Edge top 5 Dream Matche

Edge made his WWE return in 2020 and has been feuding with Randy Orton ever since. After their match at WrestleMania, they are once again set to face-off at WWE Backlash 2020 in a match that is dubbed by WWE as the greatest ever wrestling match.

In his latest promo at RAW, Edge pointed out how he had matches against the best during his WWE careers like Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, and others. He also pointed out how he raised the bar for his other opponents with his in-ring work. This got us thinking about how WWE can use him to improve the newer superstars and boost their stocks in the fans. Here are the top 5 opponents that WWE could put in a dream match against Edge from the current roster.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles & Edge Royal Rumble 2020
AJ Styles and Edge face-off at Royal Rumble 2020

Edge was one of the top stars in WWE in the 2000s, raking up championship wins, and being the crowd favorite for the most part. AJ Styles was doing the same thing but in other promotions. And therefore, the two of the greatest in-ring performers never crossed paths at the time. Both Styles and Edge are now in WWE at the same time. Combing Edge’s in-ring charisma with Styles’ superior in-ring work and technical ability, this could be a dream match not only for multiple generations.

WWE even teased that they might be on a collision course during their brawl at the Royal Rumble match. So much so, that it made me think that Edge vs Styles program for WrestleMania is in the making. Also, Styles was injured with Edge’s spear during that match, which gives a perfect point to start their feud. Let’s hope, Styles moving to SmackDown does not hinder that.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins attack Edge
Seth Rollins kept Edge hostage on RAW 2014 episode

Do you remember the above scene? When Edge came to RAW to interview Seth Rollins with Christian! Rollins and the Big Show holding Edge hostage, keeping his head against the MITB briefcase and threatening John Cena to reinstate the Authority. Edge would definitely want to get back on Rollins for this sooner rather than later. And with the story already setup, I don’t think it would take WWE much time to book this match.

Also, the current set of Rollins being the Monday Night Messiah and Edge being the hot favorite babyface on his return, makes for a hot match. To top it off, both men have a similar physique and almost similar in-ring intensity, which could produce a Match of the Year candidate.

Aleister Black

One of the reasons that WWE would have brought Edge back, was that he could work with the younger stars and put them over. And who is under a constant pushed in WWE more than Aleister Black! Ever since his singles run in the main roster, Black has been in focus. He was even undefeated for almost a year until AJ Styles defeated him on RAW in March this year.

The only problem in setting up this match is that both men are currently working as babyfaces. Either one of them has to turn heel or WWE has to do a good creative work to sell a face vs face storyline- something they do not book properly. Or they can do this match somewhere down the line when either of them turns heel.

Kevin Owens

Edge & Kevin Owens Royal Rumble
Edge & Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Kevin Owens has been struggling to break the barrier to become the top face of the WWE roster for some time now. Ever since his Universal Championship reign and his program with Chris Jericho, he always left so much to be desired. But WWE administration does not seem to believe in him to carry the torch just yet and to carry the traditional WWE fan base along.

And what could improve his image better than a hot feud with a top superstar from the last decade? Two Canadian, who both depend on hard-hitting and explosive moves than technical capabilities, going at it against each other. Edge being Owens’ idol also adds to the story. (If you remember, Owens confronted Randy Orton for his attack on Edge). But once again, the problem lies in booking a face vs face storyline.

Adam Cole

In many ways, Cole is everything that Edge was in his prime, and something more. More resilient, more technical and more heelish. While some might argue that the likes of Matt Riddle and Dominik Dijakovic might need that spot more than him, if there is anyone in NXT to deserve this spot, it is Cole

After being the NXT Champion for almost a year, Adam Cole should be getting done with the promotion pretty soon. If that is indeed the case, then what will be a better way for him to make his move to the main roster than going after a Hall of Famer.

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