Daniel Bryan Retains WWE Championship as Rowan Returns

Daniel Bryan Won in Royal Rumble 2019

Although it was earlier reported that WWE has major plans for Bludgeon Brothers, nobody thought those plans involved Daniel Bryan. And with all the predictability around in whole Royal Rumble PPV, this was a pleasant change.

Daniel Bryan has turned heel but the crowd is still cheering the Yes! the man which makes his heel character ineffective. He is constantly seen ranting about issues related to animals, Environment, human behavior, and whatnot. But those rants do not create the kind of hatred a heel needs. On the other hand, the Bryan-Styles Rivalry was getting too lengthy and was shifting towards boredom. So, what does WWE do?

Daniel Bryan faced AJ Styles to defend his WWE Championship Title at the Royal Rumble. The match was going well until we saw Erick Rowan walking out slowly to the ringside. Although initially, it was a shock with the way things were about to get unfolded, it became obvious from that point on. Same old story folded out. The Referee was knocked out accidentally by Bryan, leading to Styles being unable to get the pin after hitting the Styles Clash. Rowan came in and Chokeslamed Styles and Bryan covers him for the pin and the win.

WWE has introduced a much-needed element in this rivalry with the Bryan reuniting with Wyatt Family. It will give his heel character a much-needed boost and we will get see Styles competing with other members of the Wyatt Family in tag team matches or otherwise. This might save the storyline to run effectively without getting dull till the hotly anticipated Wrestle Mania match between these Bryan and Styles. As for this match, if they planned this match to end in such a manner, they should not have prolonged it for so long. A shorter match with the same outcome would have been more satisfying.

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