Bray Wyatt & Sasha Banks Moved to SmackDown in WWE Draft 2019

Bray Wyatt Moves To SmackDown in WWE Draft 2019
Bray Wyatt Moves To SmackDown in WWE Draft 2019

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Former Women’s Champion Sasha Banks have been moved to SmackDown during the night 1 of WWE Draft 2019.

WWE is holding the Draft 2019 which will divide the WWE wrestlers/superstars among RAW and SmackDown roster. For the first time, instead of any authority figure from WWE choosing the superstars, it is the Network that airs these shows(FOX for SmackDown & USA for RAW), will pick the wrestlers for the particular brand.

The first night of WWE Draft 2019(SmackDown 11 October episode) was kick-started with a match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The winner of this match was to decide which brand/network will get the first pick of this year’s draft. The match ended in a disqualification when the Fiend Bray Wyatt once again attacked Rollins. Rollins was declared the winner by DQ and RAW got to decide for the first pick of the draft.

USA Network/RAW decided to retain Becky Lynch as the first choice of the draft. In the first round, SmackDown added Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt to their roster. There were some speculations that the non-finish at Hell in a Cell main event was due to the fact that WWE wants to move Bray Wyatt to SmackDown. And those speculations indeed turned to be true. With Bray Wyatt moving to the blue brand, Firefly Fun House, its characters and the Fiend will become SmackDown exclusive.

In the second round, Sasha Banks and Braun Strowman were added from SmackDown. Sasha has been in a feud with Becky Lynch recently but has been unable to win the title from her. Braun Strowman’s latest feud with Tyson Fury indeed started at SmackDown last week.

The third round saw the addition of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Revival and Lacey Evans to SmackDown while the Lucha House Party and Heavy Machinery were chosen in the final round.

Out of the 8 choices available for the night, SmackDown has chosen to add 6 new superstars in their roster. Only stars retained by SmackDown during the first night of the draft were Roman Reigns and Heavy Machinery. For the complete list from the first night of Draft 2019, please check here.

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