Fight for the Fallen 2019: Awesome Kong Helps Brandi Defeat Allie

Brandi Rhodes defeated Allie in the singles match at Fight for the Fallen 2019 after help and constant distractions from Awesome Kong. Aja Kong also came out post-match to make a save on Allie to signify that both Kongs will have a match at All Out.

Brandi Rhodes & Awesome Kong Fight For The Fallen 2019
Brandi Rhodes & Awesome Kong Fight For The Fallen 2019

Allie and Chief ‘Brandi’ Officer enter. They were about to start the match and were shaking hands, but Awesome Kong suddenly comes out. It seems like Kong is the backup of Brandi.

Brandi tries to take advantage of distraction from Kong’s entrance but Allie takes her down with a clothesline. Side Russian leg sweep, running senton in quick succession and Allie covers Brandi to get two-count. Allie looks over at Awesome Kong for a moment and chops Brandi. Allie with a crossbody over the second rope, Brandi charges in, Allie moves to the apron and kicks Brandi in the head.

Allie goes out to the floor and stands off with Awesome Kong. Allie gets back in the ring to eat a baseball kick to the face. Brandi grabs a bottle of water, drinks some of it and dumps some of it on Allie. Brandi sends Allie’s face into the apron a few times. Brandi tosses her back in the ring to hit a running knee. Allie comes back with some chops. But Brandi takes back the control with a kick to the face and gets two.

Brandi with some punches to Allie’s face and then barks at the referee for a moment. Brandi chokes Allie over the second rope, then kicks the rope. Allie tries to fight back with punches. She hits a spinning kick but Awesome Kong grabs Allie’s leg. Brandi hits a knee to Allie’s back and uses a waistlock takedown to take her down. Allie hits a Bulldog on Brandi but Brandi gets her shoulder up. Brandi hits the Dropkick and gets a near fall.

Allie Superkicks Brandi and hits the Running Death Valley Driver for a near fall as Kong drags Brandi’s leg under the ropes. Brandi does a roll-up, but Allie kicks out and puts on the Dragon Sleeper. Brandi is tapping but the referee does not see because of Awesome Kong. Allie is furious at Kong but the distraction allows Brandi to hit the Spear and get the pin.

Brandi Rhodes hits Allie and then turns her over to Awesome Kong. They are interrupted by Aja Kong who comes out from the back. Aja Kong and Awesome Kong face each other down in the middle of the ring, but they are separated. Brandi Rhodes tells her to leave for now.

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