Becky Lynch helps Seth Rollins to Win at Stomping Ground

Seth Rollins managed to get the win over Baron Corbin to retain the WWE Universal Championship at Stomping Grounds as Becky Lynch helped him out with the special guest referee Lacey Evans.

Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch at Stomping Grounds 2019


As Brock Lesnar’s Money in the Bank loomed over Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin became the no. 1 contender to face him at Super ShowDown. Corbin lost the said match but he was quick to blame the loss on the referee. He later got a rematch and the permission to select a special referee for the match at Stomping Grounds. Seth Rollins, on the other hand, attacked each and everyone who even showed their inclination to become the referee and side with Corbin.

How did it happen?

After Baron Corbin and Rollins entered for the match, Corbin announced that Lacey Evans is going to be the special guest referee for the match. As Rollins confronted Lacey, Corbin attacked from behind and used the steel chair to good effect before the bell rang. Corbin managed to hold onto the advantage for some time but Rollins came back into the match.

As Rollins sent Corbin through the announce table with a powerbomb, he went back to the ring and Lacey had to start the count down. However, she stopped at 8 and when Corbin did not come back to the ring, she announced the match as the no count out. Rollins again went back to work in order to retain his title. But once more, Lacey changed the stipulation of the match to a no-disqualification match so that Corbin could take advantage.

However, the move came back to bite Corbin as Becky Lynch attacked Lacey Evans and incapacitated her. John Cone, the same referee for this match at Super ShowDown came as the replacement and Rollins hit the stomp to get the win. Becky and Rollins closed the show celebrating together.

Match Description

Baron Corbin enters first and asks Mike Rome to announce him properly. The crowd boos at every sentence of is introduction. Seth Rollins enters with a chair in hand. Corbin takes the mic and was about to announce the referee when Seth intimidates him. Seth promises that ifthe referee tries to take away his title, he will beat the hell out of him. Corbin announces the referee and it is non other than Lacey Evans. Surely, nobody expected this.

Lacey gets in Rollins’ face and Corbin attacks him from behind. He uses the chair to strike some stiff shots on the back. After Corbin has punished him a bit more, Lacey takes away the chair and calls for the bell. Corbin hits a back suplex for a near fall with Lacey counting fast. Seth Rollins is pushed against the barrier and then against the ring post. The crowd is extremely angry and shouting ‘This is stupid’. Lacey did not even count when they were outside. Baron Corbin hits Seth Rollins with a DDT to get two-count. ‘AEW’ chants have started in the arena.

Corbin takes Rollins to the top for a superplex but Rollins pushes him. Corbin takes back the advantage with a double ax handle. They start trading punches and Seth hits the step-up enziguri. They start trading strikes again and Rollins hits the swing blade, followed by few more strikes. He sends Corbin outside and hits a suicide dive. Back into the ring, he hits a superkick but Evans counts very slowly for two-count.

Rollins gets back to work and sends Corbin through the announce table with a powerbomb. Rollins gets back in the ring but Lacey starts counting very slowly. She gets to 8-count and when Corbin does not get back into the ring, she announces that the match will have no count outs.

Rollins brings him in and hits a Superkick. His Suicide Dive is blocked and Corbin hits him with a Chokeslam. He hits another Chokeslam for a normal count 2 from Lacey Evans. Corbin goes for a dive, but Seth brings him down before hitting a frog splash. But Lacey counts slowly and then stops counting saying her hand hurts. Corbin uses a steel chair. He hits Seth with the chair. This should be a disqualification. Corbin beats down Rollins with the chair. After several shots, Evans says that the match is No Disqualification.

Corbin tries for an End of Days but Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow on Corbin on top of the steel chair. Lacey is not even counting now. She slaps Corbin and then once more, before kicking him and hitting a low blow. Baron Corbin comes in and hits the End of Days. Becky Lynch comes out and attacks Lacey Evans. This is a no disqualification match now, hence it is all legal. She destroys Lacey by taking her out of the ring.

She hits the bexploder into the barricade to incapacitate Lacey. A couple of referees run in to stop Becky. One of the referees gets inside the ring and it is John Cone- the same man who officiated this match at Super ShowDown. Rollins turns the tables and hits a superkick followed by the stomp to win the match.

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