AEW Revolution PPV Sold Out in Under An Hour

AEW Revolution 2020
AEW Revolution 2020

AEW announced that AEW Revolution 2020 PPV was sold out in under one hour after the tickets went for sale on 20 December 2019.

AEW Revolution will be the company’s first PPV of the year 2020. It will take place on 29 February 2020 at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. Overall, it will be the fourth AEW PPV after AEW Double or Nothing, All Out and Full Gear. It will be the second PPV taking place in Chicago after AEW All Out 2019.

The tickets for the event went for sale on Friday. Soon, AEW announced that event is sold out and that too in under an hour. The quick sell out trend is continued after similar success for earlier AEW PPVs. AEW Double or Nothing was sold out in 4 minutes(after pre-sale). AEW All Out was also sold out in 15 minutes.

Some tickets were put up for the pre-sale on Thursday for affiliates of Chicago’s Pro Wrestling Tees. However, all the tickets that were put on the pre-sale did not sell out on Thursday. But AEW announced that those tickets were sold out in the first 15 minutes of the main sale.

The company has also tweeted that they will release more tickets for sale after finalizing the production. The venue has around 10,000 seats available and AEW has not announced the exact number of tickets that were sold out until yesterday.

AEW Revolution will also be the second AEW event that will be taking place alongside another Expo. Earlier, AEW hosted the Fyter Fest event with CEO World Gaming Convention in June 2019. AEW Revolution will be in partnership with the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo(C2E2).

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