AEW Rampage Dec 17, 2021: Results, Spoilers, Preview, Card

AEW Rampage
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AEW Rampage episode of December 17, 2021, will continue the rivalry between The Elites and Best Friend. The forthcoming episode will be taped along with the Winter is Coming episode of Dynamite on December 15 at the Curtis Culwell Center, Garland, TX.

There is also a possibility that the event will feature AEW Women’s Championship match between Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Riho. The Next edition of Rampage will also start the build-up for the AEW Battle of the Belts. 

Keep on reading to check the complete details on the December 17, 2021, episode of AEW Rampage with results, spoilers, match card, date, preview, start time, location, and more information.

Date – December 17, 2021
Location – Curtis Culwell Center, Garland, TX
Time – 10 PM EST (December 18 – 3 AM GMT)

The Elite vs Best Friends 8 Men Tag Team Match: Adam Cole’s Super Elites will face Orange Cassidy’s Best Friends in a tag team match to continue their rivalry.

Submission Match: After Penelope Ford has used brass knuckles to knock out her opponents in recent matches, Tay Conti has challenged her for a submission match where the pinfalls would not count.

10 Men Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston has thrown down a challenge to 2Point0 and Daniel Garcia after their recent run ins. He will team with Santa, Ortiz, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix. Daniel Garcia and 2Point0 will have the Acclaimed in their team for this 10-man tag team match.

Match Card & Spoiler Results

  • Orange Cassidy, Trent, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor defeated Adam Cole, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & Bobby Fish) in a 8 Men Tag Team match via pinfall.
  • Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford in a Submission match.
  • Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster defeated Eddie Kingston, Santa, Ortiz, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix in 10 Men Tag Team match via pinfall.

Orange Cassidy, Trent, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor vs Adam Cole, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & Bobby Fish

Matt starts with Chuck and whips him corner to corner. Chuck hits him with a back elbow and then hits a sliced bread. He drops Nick from the apron. Romero tagsin and hits a hurricanrana on Matt. Fish comes in and rocks Romero with kicks. Romero hits an inverted atomic drop and a dropkick. Orange Cassidy comes in and shows his lazy moves.

Cole tags in but then brings in Nick. Nick hits rope assisted armdrag. OC walks the ropes, ducks a bunch of moves before sending Nick flying. Cole attacks OC with some ground and pound as other team members are taken down at the ringside. They hits powerbomb on the apron on Trent. Bucks and Cole hit triple superkick on Cassidy as we cut to a break.

Matt and Nick hits double splash on Cassidy as we return. Cole comes in to put him in camel clutch. Romero and Chuck takes out The Bucks. OC kisses Cole before Cole hits him with back elbow. OC goes to tag but Bucks sweep his teammates from the apron. Cole hits a running knee strike. Cassidy counters Panama Sunrise and tags in Trent. Trent drops each opponent one by one. He hits double clothesline on Young Bucks and a back splash on Cole on the apron. Trent hits a back body drop on Fish on the floor.

Back to the ring, Trent and Romero hits stereo knee strikes to Nick. Matt takes Romero to the floor. Trent looks for a dive but Chuck comes in for Best Friends hug. Best Friends take out all the opponents one by one. Cole and Best Friends make a comeback. They hits a brainbuster and superkick combo on Trent. Fish hits a diving headbutt for a near fall. Bucks and Cole keep everyone away with superkicks. Fish hits super falcon arrow on Trent and Cassidy breaks the pin.

More chaos as everyone starts to get involved with big moves. Cassidy takes out everyone with a shooting start press. Trent hits Strong Zero to get the pin on Fish.

Winner – Orange Cassidy, Trent, Rocky Romero & Chuck Taylor

Dan Lambert Returns

Dan Lambert is in the ring with Men of the Year – Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. He is ranting on Tony Khan running favoritism with giving title shots to Darby Allin, Sammy Guevera and others. He then talks trash about Cody Rhodes and accussed him of getting favors using his position in the company. Cody Rhodes makes his entrance as Dan Lambert continues his rant.

Cody comes into the ring and snatches the mic away from Lambert. Lambert takes it back and Cody once again snatches it. Page and Sky calm down Lambert. Cody attacks Page and Sky and they double team on him. Dustin Rhodes runs out to make the save but Men of the Year also beat him up. TNT Champion Sammy Guevara runs out finally to send them packing.

Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford – Submission Match

Conti attacks Ford as soon as she enter the ring. She stuns Ford with a pump kick. Ford avoids the second one. Conti locks on her leg but Bunny drags Ford to the ropes. Conti hits a dropkick through the ropes. Ford hits chops on the floor. Conti side-steps and Ford slams her hand on the ringpost. Conti puts on an armbar and Ford gets his legs to the ropes.

Conti goes for the death triangle but Ford powers up. She puts on a crossface. Conti rolls over and rains down elbows on the arm and face. Conti puts on another submission but Bunny irritates her into losing it. Conti and Ford jockey for position on the top for a while. They come down and Ford hits backbreakers. She puts on a choke. Conti hits her with kicks. More back and forth action.

Conti counters a stunner and drops Ford on her hips. She puts on choke and shakes Ford viciously until Ford taps out.

Winner – Tay Conti

After the match, Bunny comes into the ring and hits Conti with a brass knuckle punch. Anna Jay comes in with a steel chair. Ford and Bunny run away.

Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster vs Eddie Kingston, Santa, Ortiz, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix

Penta and Caster are in the ring as the bell rings. Eddie tries to slip in a steel chair but the referee stops him. Penta gives ziero meido to Caster before they start trading strikes. Lucha Bros double team on Caster for quick moves. Penta drops Fenix on Caster for a two-count. Caster stops a suplex and tags out to Bowens. Santana and Ortiz come in for double team on him. Ortiz hits a big chop on Bowens as we cut to a break.

Santan hits a moonsault on 2Point0 as we return. Penta hits slingblade on Matt and powerslam on Bowens. Rey hits a running kick to Caster and then superkicks to 2Point0. He stuns Garcia in the corner and a splash. Bowens breaks the pin. Rey hits a kick at Bowens. Eddie comes in and hits a chop on Garcia. 2Point0 drags Eddie to the floor. Lucha Bros take them out with dives. Bowens attacks Ortiz. Everyone starts to get involved with big moves. Garcia gets the pin on Eddie with a roll-up.

Winners – Daniel Garcia, Jeff Parker, Matt Lee, Anthony Bowens & Max Caster

The heels attack Eddie after the match. They smash his face with boom box. Jungle Boy attacks them from behind. Christian and Luchasaurus also come out to help him. Jungle Boy hands the tag team titles to Lucha Bros. A moment of respect between Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy and Lucha Bros.

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