AEW Dynamite Live Results and Updates- 6 November 2019

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results and Updates Blog for the AEW Dynamite episode of 6 November 2019 (11/6/2019).

  • Date- 6 November 2019
  • Location- Bojangles’ Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
  • Time- 8 PM EST(7 November 2019 1 AM GMT/6:30 AM IST)
Cody Rhodes AEW Dynamite 6 November 2019
Cody Rhodes to make a career-related announcement at AEW Dynamite 6 November 2019

The AEW Full Gear go-home edition for AEW Dynamite will air from Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte. The competition, NXT, is reinvigorated and might give a hard time to them in the rating game. But even without the threat of getting pummeled in the rating, they need a good show this week, going into their first PPV with the TV show.

Trent Baretta vs PAC

PAC quickly takes down Trent and goes out to get in Orange Cassidy’s face. Back in the ring, they go back and forth until Trent hits a back elbow and kick sends PAC to the apron. PAC tries for a slingshot DDT, which gets countered into a german suplex with a bridge for two-count. Both end up on the floor, PAC launches Trent into the barricade. Trent gets thrown throat-first over the barricade and then throws him down hard on the metal ramp. PAC gets in the ring and tells the ref to start up his count. PAC sees Trent drawing close to the ring and lands a big leap over the top rope, clearing out his opponent.

PAC hits a missile dropkick, whips Trent into the corner and goes right into a northern lights suplex for two-count. PAC looks to fly to the outside but Cassidy gets in the ring to stop that. Taylor is distracting the referee. Cassidy with lazy kicks to PAC’s legs and eats a big kick to the face. PAC kicks him out of the ring but Trent counters with a lariat. He hits half-and-half suplex and PAC rolls to the floor. Trent with a front flip over the top rope, taking out PAC.

Trent working over PAC’s back, throws him into the barricade, but Trent goes right for a spear. Back in the ring, running knee to the back of PAC’s head, cover, two. Lariat flips PAC over, swinging DDT and PAC sells the heck out of that, cover, two-count. Trent looking annoyed. Brainbuster on Trent and PAC heads to the top, tries for the black arrow, lands it, cover, 1-2-referee messes up the count, whoops. PAC locks in The Brutalizer and Trent passes out from the hold.

Winner- PAC with a Referee Stoppage

Post-match, PAC gets on the mic and tells the crowd to shut their mouths. He says he heard what Adam Page said, but it won’t make any difference on Saturday at Full Gear. PAC says he’s going to make an example of Page, again.

Cody Rhodes Makes Big Career Announcement

Cody is in the ring with Tony Schiavone. He talks about Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle causing havoc over the last couple of weeks. The Elite was looking for some of the best competitors to bring in the company. Cody then rattles off some of the greats of the past, including Dusty Rhodes and noted that some of the biggest names in wrestling were wrestlers, but also management. He says AEW is Ellis Island for wrestling, “this is freedom!”

Cody says he has heard the criticism of being in management and in a title match at the same time. So, he announces if he doesn’t defeat Jericho at Full Gear, he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Cody then cuts a great promo and tells Jericho that he needs this generation more than it needs Jericho. Then says it’s taken him 14 years to get to this point and he won’t be discredited by Jericho’s claims. “I went from undesirable to undeniable!” Cody then says The Elite will eat The Inner Circle alive when they eventually meet in the ring.

Private Party vs Dark Order- Winner Gets in Tag Title Match at AEW Full Gear 2019

Quen fights off Grayson and Uno to start with. Cassidy joins him to put Grayson down. Cassidy nails forearms but Grayson lifts him to plant onto the mat. Uno comes in with tags and chokes Cassidy over the bottom rope. Cassidy hits Uno with an enziguri. Grayson beats Cassidy up, sending him to the apron where he gets tripped by Uno. Grayson with a huge slingshot senton on the apron as we go to the break.

Uno and Grayson drop Quen with a Side suplex and elbow drop combo. Uno lifts Quen but he fights out of it then jumps off of Uno’s back into a dropkick on Grayson. Quen drops Uno hits a big flip over the top rope. Back in the ring, a clothesline and kick from Quen and then a springboard crossbody for two-count. Uno drops Cassidy over his knee and Quen breaks up the pin.

Grayson with a senton down on Quen, cover, very close three. Grayson lifts Quen on his shoulders, but Quen leaps off and hits a hurricanrana, sending Uno into Grayson. Cassidy springboards in and gets dropped. Cassidy hits a silly string DDT. Grayson was dazed on the top rope, Quen and Cassidy hit “Gin and Juice” (hurricanrana into a cutter” for the 1-2-3.

Winners- Private Party

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