Report on AEW Double or Nothing PPV Buys, Estimated Revenue

AEW double or nothing

AEW Double or Nothing 2021 has around 115,000 PPV buys approximately, as per a recent report from Wrestlenomics.

The PPV buys is 10,000 up from Double or Nothing 2020 which had 105,000 PPV buys. However, the numbers are less than AEW Revolution 2021 PPV which remains AEW’s most bought PPV with 135,000 PPV buys.

The report says AEW will earn $2.6 million net revenue from Double or Nothing 2021 PPV buys after revenue split with B/R Live(USA Online Stream), FITE(International Streaming), and other PPV carriers. Talking about the net revenue, Double or Nothing will earn around $3 million for AEW with $300,000 coming from ticket sales and $71,000 coming from merchandise sales.

Revolution reportedly had a net revenue of around $3.1 million. The figures of net revenue are so close since Double or Nothing was a sold-out event with 4700 tickets on sale, while Revolution took place with a limited audience of around 1150 tickets for sale.

AEW PPV Buys Till Now

AEW ShowPPV Buys(Estimated)
Double or Nothing 201998000
All Out 201988000
Full Gear 201980000
Revolution 202090000
Double or Nothing 2020105000
All Out 202090000
Full Gear 202085000
Revolution 2021135000
Double or Nothing 2021115000

AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Revenue Breakdown

Below is the estimated revenue breakdown for AEW Double or Nothing 2021:

  • PPV Buys Domestic- $1,800,000
  • PPV Buys International – $780,000
  • Ticket Sales – $300,000
  • Venue Merchandise – $71,000