AEW Announces Golden Boy Signing for Commentary Team

AEW has officially announced the signing of esports commentator Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez as part of their commentary team.

Goldenboy Alex Mendez signs with AEW
Goldenboy Alex Mendez signs with AEW

Alex Mendez appeared at AEW Fyter Fest as part of the partnership between AEW and CEO Gaming. He was in the commentary team alongside Excalibur and legendary commentator Jim Ross. Last week, another AEW commentator Alex Marvez made tweets that indicated the signing of Goldenboy. However, AEW just made the news official yesterday. Below are the tweets from AEW and comments from Mendez on joining the company.

Mendez made his name doing eSports commentary. He has worked in several high profile events like including the Fortnite World Cup and Overwatch League homestands. He had also previously done commentary for Halo, Call of Duty, and The Rock’s Titan Games on NBC.

Before Fyter Fest, in an interview with ESPN, Goldenboy said that he has learnt so much from commentators from pro-wrestling. “I would watch Jim Ross and Michael Cole and learn from them. I also learned how to do interviews by watching the mic placement and posture of people like Jonathan Coachman and Cole. They are the best of the best. They put on a quality product week in and week out, and for any aspiring broadcaster in esports, there’s a lot to learn there.”

In addition to GoldenBoy, AEW’s commentary and announce team includes Jim Ross, Excalibur, Alex Marvex, Justin Roberts and newly signed Tony Schiavone. As per the latest, Goldenboy will be doing commentary for All Out on 31 August.