AEW All Out 2019: Lucha Bros Beat Young Bucks, LAX Debuts

Lucha Bros have beaten the Young Bucks at AEW All Out 2019 PPV show to retain the AAA World Tag Team Championship title before being attacked by LAX.

Lucha Bros AEW All Out 2019
Lucha Bros AEW All Out 2019

This was the sixth time that Lucha Bros and Young Bucks faced each other this year. Their first encounter came at a AAA event in Mexico where Bucks won the AAA Tag titles from the Luchas. Later, they successfully retained those titles against them at AEW Double or Nothing, only to drop them a few days later in another AAA show.

They also faced off at AEW Fyter Fest in a six-man tag match where Kenny Omega joined the Bucks while Loredo Kid joined the Luchadors. After getting their first win at AEW Fight for the Fallen, Lucha Bros once again challenged the Young Bucks for the Ladder match at All Out.

As their other matches had been, the bout at All Out was also entertaining with so many crazy spots. Both Tag Teams put on quite the show, and there were so many unforgettable moments. During the latter part of the match, Matt and Fenix were at the Ladder when Matt just pulled Fenix’s mask. This infuriated the Luchadors who ran rampage in final seconds of the match to take down the Bucks and pull the title belts from the air.

After the match, a couple of hooded guys entered the stage and assaulted Lucha Brothers. They also went on to hit the powerbomb/piledriver combo on Matt Jackson. Later, as they removed their masks, they turned out to be Santana and Ortiz from LAX who had finished up with Impact Wrestling at the promotion’s last TV tapings.

The commentary teams did not use the term LAX to address them. And instead just used their names, Santana and Ortiz. With them not having the rights to LAX name, it is likely that they will have a new name while in AEW.