Alexander Volkanovski Calls Brian Ortega “A Drug Cheat” Before Their UFC 266 Bout

UFC 266 face off Alexander Volkanovski & Brian Ortega
Credit – twitter

The UFC Featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski is not really a fan of Brian Ortega because of the things he did in the past, and it was pretty clear at the UFC 266 press conference as well. 

Things got really heated between these two fighters and the UFC President, Dana White had to stand between them from preventing any kind of dispute at the press conference. 

Alexander Volkanovski took a clear shot on Ortega and said he doesn’t deserve to be here, as he is a fuc*ing drug cheat.” This statement was a reference to the incident that happened back in 2014. Ortega was tested positive for drostanolone, a well-known “performance-enhancing drug.” As a result, the decision of the match was overturned to no contest.

Volkanovski said he worked really hard to earn this belt. He thinks on the other hand Otega did all the unprofessional sh*ts. On the other hand, Ortega replied he never knew when things get this personal with Volkanovski. 

Ortega also stated that whether Volkanovski likes it or not he is going to share the octagon with him. 

Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega for the UFC featherweight championship is all set to take place at UFC 266 this Saturday on September 25.