Kevin Holland Chased Down & Apprehend an Alleged Car Thief

Kevin Holland ufc
credit- ufc

Kevin Holland is one of the most renowned UFC Middleweight fighters. He always used his immense strength to defeat his opponent but today he used it for a heroic cause. 

Kevin Holland chased down a car thief today who was trying to steal a car, and he successfully apprehended him as well until the Police arrived.

Shug Dorsey explained about the event to MMA Junkie where he revealed that he got a call from Holland and the latter told him that he is pursuing an alleged thief in his neighborhood.

According to Dorsey, Kevin Holland pulled up to a local gas station where some people were screaming about a car being stolen. As a result, Holland started to walk towards this person, chased him on foot, and apprehended him till the police arrived and arrested the thief. 

The video of Kevin Holland chasing the thief is all around the internet, and the middleweight fighter is getting a lot of praise for his bravery as well. 

Shug Dorsey also appreciated Holland’s action and said that it reflects the true personality of this athlete. He also said that there are several more instances where Kevin Holland came forward to help out people.

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