UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou “Wants to be Free”

Francis Ngannou UFC Heaveyweight Champion

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou had a chat with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour where he revealed that he would make sure UFC agrees to his demand before signing a new contract. 

During the interview, the Predator stated that he wants to be free. According to him, they’re independent creators and that is basically a free person. He also stated the terms of the contract put one into captivity. The contract is always one-sided and the athlete does not even get health insurance. 

Ngannou revealed he just couldn’t take things like this. He also stated that UFC did offer him a new contract on several occasions with a lot of money. However, it didn’t include things he asked for. The money is tempting for sure, but now it is more than money for him. 

Francis Ngannou stated that he has already lost a lot of money and might be down by $7 Million. He chose freedom over money and is quite happy with his choice as well.

Francis Ngannou’s UFC contract has expired with his fifth-round win against Cirly Gane at UFC 270. He is still the UFC Heavyweight champion. However, he doesn’t care if UFC forces him to relinquish the title he thinks that he is a champion with or without the belt.