Diego Sanchez Gets Hospitalized Due to Covid-19

Deigo Sanchez UFC

Former UFC Fighter and Hall of Famer Diego Sanchez recently got hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19. 

Sanchez provided an update on his health a week ago in which he mentioned that he is doing quite better. However, after that update, things have become worse. His oxygen became quite low, he got blood clots in both of his legs, and also caught pneumonia that is damaging his respiratory system. 

Surprisingly, Diego Sanchez isn’t keen on getting a vaccine despite suffering through the virus. He posted a tweet where he stated that he isn’t sold on the vax yet. 

A former King of the Cage Welterweight champion, Diego Sanchez is currently a free agent after parted ways with UFC this year in April. The president of Bare Knuckle David Feldman is ready to sign him but only when he gets medically cleared to step inside the octagon.

Sanchez’s release from UFC came after a long dispute between his former manager, Joshua Fabia, and UFC officials over his medicals. However, later Diego parted ways with Fabia too as his manager and business partner.