Errol Spence vs Yordenis Ugas Results, Live Blog Round by Round

Errol Spence Jr vs Yordenis Ugas Results

Errol Spence vs Yordenis Ugas Welterweight Title Unification bout will headline the PBC Showtime PPV event on April 16, 2022.

Spence will put his WBC and IBF Welterweight titles on the line against Ugas’ WBA(Super) Welterweight title and the winner will emerge as the three belt champion. On the undercard, Radzhab Butaev and Eimantas Stanionis will also fight for WBA(Regular) Welterweight World title. Issac Cruz will take on Yuriorkis Gamboa in a marquee lightweight bout.

We will be here to cover the results from undercard and live round by round and play by play updates from the main card from Errol Spence Jr. vs Yordenis Ugas Boxing event.

Live updates and results will be posted from 9 PM EST onwards when the main card starts. The main event is expected around 11:30 PM EST.

Spence vs Ugas Results

  • Errol Spence Jr. defeated Yordenis Ugas via TKO in round 10- 12 rounds, for Spences’ WBC & IBF Welterweight titles and Ugas’ WBA(Super) Welterweight Title
  • Isaac Cruz defeated Yuriorkis Gamboa via KO at 1:27 in round 5- 12 rounds lightweights bout
  • Jose Valenzuela defeated Francisco Vargas via KO at 1:25 in round 1 to win WBC Continental Americas Lightweight title.
  • Cody Crowley defeated Josesito Lopez via unanimous decision (98-91, 99-90, 99-90) – 10 rounds welterweights bout
  • Eimantas Stanionis defeated Radzhab Butaev via split decision(116-111, 117-110, 113-114) to win WBA(regular) Welterweight title.
  • Brandun Lee defeated Zachary Ochoa via unanimous decision(99-91, 99-91, 98-92) in 10 round junior welterweights bout
  • Vito Mielnicki Jr. defeated Dan Karpency via unanimous decision(80-72, 79-73, 79-73) in 8 round super welterweight bout.
  • Angel Barrientes defeated Fernando Garcia via majority decision(58-56-, 58-56, 57-57) in 6 round bantamweight bout.

Live Updates

Errol Spence Jr vs Yordenis Ugas – 12 Rounds Welterweight Title Unification Bout

Round 1: Spence is first to throw jabs. Ugas is keeping his distance and both men have to reach out as they throw punches. Spence is throwing and landing more. Ugas fires back after 4 or 5 unanswered punches. Spence swings and misses big, and Ugas counters with a body shot with his left. Spence looking for more jabs and body shot combo. Ugas lands a right. Spence with jabs at the body and Ugas ends the round with a jab.

Round 2: More jabs to start this round. Ugas looks to counter punch now as Spence has been the agressor until now. Spence is solidifying that jab and mixing it up with body shots. A right hand catches Spence. Spence keeps up with the workrate.

Round 3: Ugas gets in a clinch as Spence lands a left. Spence lands another left. Spence lands a flurry after they trade hard counter shots. Spence makes Ugas miss and counters with a hook to the body and he quickly follows with an uppercut. Ugas connects some good rights. Spence lands a hook on the body. Ugas connects with counter rights and lands a combo. He throws Spence off with a right.

Round 4: Spence swings big and misses. A nice double jab from Spence. He blocks a right and left. An uppercut from Ugas lands on the body. Spence lands a big left and more body punches. Ugas lands another uppercut on the body. Spence keeps up with volume again.

Round 5: A bit of holding in the first minute. Spence lands uppercut and hook combo. He lands more on body. Ugas has no answer and just tries to close the distance. Spence throws his uppercuts. Ugas tries to keep up with some of his own. Body shots from Spence. Ugas with a counter right but Spence works more left cross and rights into the body.

Round 6: Spence continues his work on the body. Ugas lands an uppercut which sends Spence’s mouthpeice flying. Spence loses his concentration and Ugas several big shots to send him wowbling. The referee pauses the fight upon noticing the mouthpeice. Ugas lands more as the round resumes. Spence gets his senses back and tries to counter.

Round 7: Uppercuts from Spence to start the round and Ugas is hurt. Spence is relentless with his punching now. Ugas finally answers after a minute or so with a right hand to the body. Spence fires back with more on the body. Ugas counters with a combo. Spence counters with a left. More counters from both sides to end the round.

Round 8: Spence is all over Ugas in this round, landing all over the body and head. Ugas’ eye is swollen and the referee pauses the bout to get him checked with a doctor. The fight resumes and Spence is once again all over Ugas.

Round 10: Spence with more body shots now. Ugas is backing up as he tries to think of something. Spence is running circles around him. Ugas throws in more punches. The referee pauses the bout as he gets Ugas checked once again. Ugas’ eye is almost closed. The doctor gives negative feedback and the referee has called it.

Official Decision: Errol Spence win via TKO in round 10 to become WBC, WBA(Super) & IBF World Welterweight Champion.

Isaac Cruz vs Yuriorkis Gamboa – 12 rounds Lightweight bout

Round 1: Cruz lands a hook to open the bout and Gamboa is wobbling early. Gamboa is getting into a clinch every time Cruz is getting close to him. A clash of heads during one clinch. Cruz nails an uppercut as they break. Gamboa goes to hold again and Cruz nails him with a flurry of lefts.

Round 2: Gamboa has come out firing in this round and nails a couple of shots at Cruz. Cruz is more cautious now, but continues to nail his shots. Gamboa is keeping his distance now. Cruz closes down and connects a flurry of shots. Gamboa beats the count to survive round 2.

Round 3: Cruz continues his relentless shots in third just as he finished second and drops Gamboa again. He lands another big right hook to the body. Both fighters tumble to the ground after getting tangled up in the clinch. This gets a warning from the referee. Cruz with more shots as they resume. Gamboa is getting into the clinch again and again.

Round 4: Cruz is nailing Gamboa with his hooks. Gamboa is looking weaker as Cruz lands a big shot on the body. Gamboa gets in another clinch in order to survive. He lands a left hook as Cruz was coming in. Cruz lands more hooks now and Gamboa is down on the floor. Cruz lands more shots to end this round.

Round 5: More hooks and punches from Cruz in round 5 also. A big right from Cruz sends Gamboa to the ropes and the referee finally decides to stop the fight.

Official Decision: Isaac Cruz wins via KO at 1:27 in round 5

Jose Valenzuela vs. Francisco Vargas – 10 rounds WBC Continental Americas Lightweight title bout

Round 1: Vargas is the first one to throw the jabs. Jose is cautious to start. He lands his body shots and jabs in between. Vargas is looking like the aggressive one, but Jose nails a big left to drop Vargas. This is it.

Official Decision: Jose Valenzuela wins via KO at 1:25 in round 1.

Cody Crowley vs. Josesito Lopez – 10 rounds welterweights bout

Round 1: Crawley starts with his jabs right away. Lopez reaches out for a body shot. Crawley keep pinning him back with his jabs and punches. An uppercut almost makes it way through from Crawley. Lopez continues to look for body shots. Lopez comes firing with combination punches on body as the last minute starts. Crawley exchanges shots with him and continues to dominate the round.

Round 2: Crawley nails an uppercut at the body as Lopez tries to force the issue from the start. Lopez is working better in this round with more body shots. Crawley keeps working on his strategy of jabs and uppercuts.

Round 3: Crawley once again pushes Lopez to the ropes. Lopez fires quick shots and catches Crawley on the body. Crawley is rattled 40 seconds in and Lopez is all over him. Crawley gets some sense back 20 seconds later but Lopez continues to rain on his body. Crawley tries to go back to his punching now. A left hook from Lopez pushes him back. Crawley regains his composure and is back to working his uppercuts and jabs.

Round 4: Lopez connects with punches on head and body. Lopez is once again back to volume punching. The referee pauses the bout at 1-minute mark in the corner. Crawley continues with his barrage of punches. Lopez is looking for more body shots in between his hooks and uppercuts.

Round 5: Lopez works more on the body. Crawley defends for a bit to avoid being caught with combinations. Crowley is back with his punches and remains on top for the most part. Lopez lands a big jab but Lopez just laughs at it.

Round 6: Lopez cuts out the body shots before the referee pauses the bout due to a low body shot. Lopez is now holding back his distance now and working the shots from distance.

Round 7: Lopez is down halfway into the round after a shot on the back of the head. He is ok to continue though. Crawley is landing better now as both men are a bit tired. Lopez tries to force the issue a bit but Crawley remains in control.

Round 8: Crawley nails another shot on the back of head to unbalance Lopez again. Crawley keeps going on with his work. Lopez is not looking that good. Crawley keeps his distance and keeps working his jabs.

Round 9: Lopez reaches out for a shot early but Crawley deals with it without much difficulty. Another shot at the back of the head leads to knockdown but the referee rules it illegal. Crawley remains in control for the most part. Lopez lands a combo near the end of second minute. He is having balance issues though. Crawley is consistent with his work.

Round 10: Lopez comes out with more fire in the last round. Crawley keeps countering him. Nothing much that could be called a challenge for Crawley.

Decision: Cody Crowley wins via unanimous decision(98-91, 99-90, 99-90).

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