The Undertaker Top 5 Biggest Wins

The Undertaker’s Deadman character/gimmick is definitely the best ever character in WWE history but he has also backed it up with some of the greatest matches of all time in WWE history. Here we are listing what we consider top 5 of the biggest victories of Undertaker in his WWE career.

#5 vs Bautista – World Heavyweight Championship Match, WrestleMania 23, 2007

After winning the Royal Rumble 2007, Undertaker chose to challenge Bautista for the World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker would attack Bautista multiple times during the buildup. Bautista would retaliate by backstabbing Taker during their tag team match at No Way Out against John Cena and Shawn Michaels.

At Wrestle Mania, Bautista hit the spear on Undertaker to start the match in an impressive fashion. But soon match went into a normal rhythm. Bautista then kicked out of a pin after a chokeslam. Taker hit the Last Ride Powerbomb and Bautista replied with his own Powerbomb. The action moved outside the ring with Bautista sending Undertaker through the announce table with a powerslam and then hitting a spinebuster on the floor and Powerbomb. But Undertaker was finally able to hit the Tombstone Piledriver to get the pin and retain his undefeated streak at Wrestle Mania.


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