WWE NXT March 15, 2022: Results, Card, Preview

WWE NXT 15 March 2022
Credits- WWE

WWE NXT 2.0 episode of March 15, 2022, will continue to build up for NXT Stand & Deliver with new NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler. 

Indi Hartwell faces her former best friend Persia Pirotta in a singles match, and Sarray will go one-on-one against Tiffany Straton. A-Kid will collide against Kushida, and Cameron Grimes will face Santos Escobar in an NXT North American Championship Ladder match qualifying bout. The Miz will arrive to NXT for a special edition of Miz TV with Dolph Ziggler. 

Read below to check complete details on the March 15, 2022, episode of NXT 2.0.

Event Info

  • Show – WWE NXT Roadblock
  • Date – March 15, 2022
  • Location – Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL, US  
  • Time – 8 PM EST

Results Updates

The show opens with graphics for Scott Hall “Razor Ramon.”

A recap from NXT Roadblock last week showing how Dolph Ziggler won the NXT Championship.

The Miz hosts Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode on Miz TV. They talk about Ziggler’s win and take shots on Bron Breakker. We are shown how earlier today Breakker went back home after he started arguing with PC coaches. LA Knight interrupts them and asks for a title shot. Ziggler argues with him for a while before Miz announces the title match in the main event tonight.

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and she tells us Raquel Gonzalez is out of action for 4-6 weeks. Jade has also stolen Toxic Attraction’s title belts.

Santos Escobar defeated Cameron Grimes in the North American Championship qualifier. After a back and forth match, Escobar countered Grimes charge and hits Phantom driver for the win.

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray talk about women’s Dusty Rhodes Classics final next week in a video package.

We cut to Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai, who are also in the final. Toxic Attraction roll up looking for Cora Jade. Mandy Rose tells Choo & Kai to win the final next week.

A-Kid defeates Kushida in a singles match via pinfall after a big moonsault into a DDT from the top rope.

Legado Del Fantasma is interviewed backstage when The Mysterios walk in. Things get heated as Rey claims that his son will be the Luchador of the future. Dominik says he is looking for a fight. A match is setup between them for next week probably.

Triffany Stratton attacks Sarray backstage and brings her to the ring in her school dress avatar itself. The match starts between them and Sarray does not get to transform into the wrestler side of her. Stratton continues to beat her up and hits a Vader bomb for the win.

Gunther and LA Knight get into an argument backstage after Gunther says Knight is an embarrasment for pro-wrestling.

Toxic Attraction is still looking for Cora Jade and their title belts. Jacy Jayne sees one of the titles hanging high from a structure. She goes to take it but it was trap from Jade who traps Jayne inside a cage and walks off.

Tomasso Ciampa comes out to the ring and talks about his NXT journey. The crowd chants “one more match” when he talks about this chapter coming to an end. Ciampa says he might has had a match at Stand and Deliver but that chance is also gone now after he lost the title match last week. As prepares to leave, Tony D’Angelo appears behind him in the ring. Tony throws his crowbar away and says he could have dropped Ciampa with it, but he respects him enough to not hit him behind his back. Tony asks for a match at Stand & Deliver. Ciampa shakes his hand to fix the match before Tony hits him with a low blow.

Indi Hartwell defeated Persia Pirotta via pinfall. Indi dominated the short match before Duke Hudson appeared and distracted Indi, allowing Persia to turn it around. Dexter Lumis then appeared, and Hartwell turned it around to beat Pirotta. After the match, Hudson and Lumis get in to the ring. Persia and Hudson start kissing. Indi and Lumis try to one up them with more passionate kissing. This continues until both couples roll down to the mat and invite boos from the crowd.

Gigi Dolin sees her title belt on a dumpster. She climbs up to get it and Jade puts on the lid on the dumpster using a forklift to trap Dolin inside it.

Dominik Mysterio defeated Raul Mendoza in a singles match. Joaquin Wilde and Elektra Lopez tried to interfere in the match, but Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen come out to start an argument with them. Dominik hits 619, gives a tribute to Eddie Guerrero and hits a frog splash for the pin.

Cora Jade walks out to the parking lot with Mandy Rose’s NXT Women’s Title and a can of spray paint. Jade gets in Mandy Rose’s Range Rover to ride it. Mandy is in the back, waiting for Jade. Rose attacks Jade and beats her out of the car. Rose takes spray can and sprays Toxic Attraction logo on Jade’s back. Dolin and Jayne appear now to join Rose.

Malcolm Bivens and The Creed Brothers come out to the ring and say bodies will keep flying until they get to know who attacked them last week. MSK come out in and get booed. MSK clarify that they did not attack Creed Brothes last week. Some argument takes place until Imperium comes out. More arguments ensues and they end up fixing a three way match at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Cameron Grimes gets interviewed backstage. He is not happy that he could not be at Stand & Deliver and disappoint his late father. He says that he wants to be a part of Stand & Deliver and walks off.

Dolph Ziggler defeated LA Knight to retain NXT Championship. Both men counter each other’s finishers in the final minute before Ziggler hit a superkick to get the win.


Indi Hartwell vs Persia Pirotta: Former tag-team partners Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta is set to challenge each other in a single after heated argument to find out who is weak link in their tag team. 

Sarray vs Tiffany Straton: Tiffany offered to replace Sarray’s grandmother’s necklace but Sarray declined her politely. However, Tiffany was not able to hear no from Sarray and attacked her. The following week, Sarray returned the favour by costing Straton her match. Now, Sarray and Tiffany Straton will settle their conflict as they face each other in a singles match. 

A-Kid vs Kushida: This week’s episode of NXT 2.0 will also feature A-Kid, who will debut at NXT against Kushida in a single match. 

Cameron Grimes vs Santos Escobar: Cameron Grimes and Santos Escobar will collide inside the squared circle in order to reserve a spot in the NXT North American Championship Ladder match.

Miz TV with NXT Champion: Dolph Ziggler has certainly earned himself a round of applause by winning the NXT Title. This week, there will be more spotlight on him as The Miz comes to NXT with the MizTV.

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