Seth Rollins Comments on Fan who Attacked Him on Raw


Seth Rolins finally breaks his silence after facing a vicious attack by a fan on the recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins had a chat with TMZ at the airport where he talked about the incident that took place at Raw. Rollins finds this incident to be quite terrifying. 

A fan named Elisah Spencer jumped the barricade and attacked Seth Rollins. The latter quickly got him into the headlock until the security arrived. Rollins provided an insight into it by saying everything happened pretty quickly. 

He only reacted and waited for the security to arrive and do the job that they did. At that time, he was only trying to detach and move on.

On asking if he sustained any injury Rollins said that there were no serious injuries and everyone is okay. They also asked the Monday Night Messiah if he will file any charges against Elisah. However, Rollins refused to talk on this subject.

The NYPD already arrested Elisah and charged him with an attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural events. 

Seth Rollins is the current #1 contender to face Big E for the WWE Championship. However, it is yet to be revealed when a match between them will take place. 

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