WWE Announces First Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel

Lacey Evans vs Natalya WWE Crown Jewel 2019
Lacey Evans and Natalya will battle in first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia at WWE Crown Jewel 2019

WWE held the media conference at Riyadh earlier today and the first announcement made in the conference was the first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia between Lacey Evans and Natalya.

In the past three events in Saudi Arabia, WWE was not allowed to book a women’s match at their shows. Last time at Super ShowDown 2019, WWE even brought Alexa Bliss and Natalya with the group. And if they had got the permission, the match would have taken place at Super Showdown between them. However, WWE was denied permission once again.

However, it looks like WWE has finally got permission to hold women’s matches in the country. And it looks like late permission indeed. But Lacey Evans and Natalya will be making history by featuring in the first-ever women’s professional wrestling match in Saudi Arabia.

Michael Cole hosted the press conference at King Fahd Stadium which included the below segments. You can check the complete video below.

  • Announcement of the First-Ever Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia
  • Special Previews for the matches at Crown Jewel
  • WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins addressed the press before his title defense against The Fiend
  • Mansoor addressed his hometown press before his match at WWE Crown Jewel
  • Weighing-in of Braun Strowman, Tyson Fury, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, and Cain Velasquez
  • Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair introduced their respective teams for the match WWE Crown Jewel

The match between Lacey Evans and Natalya will the ninth announced match for WWE Crown Jewel 2019. For complete details for Crown Jewel 2019, you can check the below link.

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