SD 8 Nov 2019: Baron Corbin Defeats Roman Reigns in Manchester

Baron Corbin Defeat Roman Reigns at SmackDown 8 November 2019
Baron Corbin Defeat Roman Reigns

King Baron Corbin has defeated Roman Reigns at WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 8 November 2019 in Manchester, England.

Baron Corbin opened WWE SmackDown’s taping in Manchester and did a promo, cutting into Roman Reigns. Last week, SmackDown was invaded by NXT and Corbin was quick to blame Roman Reigns for that embarrassment for SmackDown. Corbin praised Roman for beating Leukemia but said that Roman does not consider WWE as his family anymore. He even claimed that the Big Dog’s testicles have shrunk into tiny marvels.

Corbin also ran a graphic on the screen where the dog was seen with a meek bark. The crowd was continued with “we want Roman” chants, Corbin continued to insult Roman and even claimed to defeat him at the main event. As they faced off at the main event of the show, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupted during the match.

Their interruption gave Corbin the upper hand, who controlled the match for a long time then. Roman made a comeback and was looking to bury Corbin. But once again, Ziggler and Roode interfered. Roman hit Roode with the superman punch and speared Ziggler into half. But Corbin was quick to grab Roman and hit him with the End of Days to get the win.

This is the first singles win for Baron Corbin over Roman Reigns. Previously, they have faced off in 3 singles matches with Roman coming out as the winner in each of those bouts.

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