Hell in a Cell 2019: Becky Lynch Retains Title Over Sasha

Becky Lynch Hell In A Cell 2019
Becky Lynch Hell In A Cell 2019

Becky Lynch has retained the RAW Women’s Championship title with a win over Sasha Banks inside the Hell in a Cell at the namesake show on 6 October 2019.

The feud between the two top Women of WWE’s locker room started when Sasha Banks made her return. As her first act, she attacked Natalya which led to a brawl between Becky and her. Since then, SmackDown Women’s Championship Bayley and Charlotte Flair also got involved in the storyline with Bayley turning heel.

Some tag team matches between them followed with many brawls and their promo war in between. They faced off at Clash of Champions earlier where Sasha won the match by DQ due to Becky accidentally hitting the referee with a steel chair. As their feud continued, the rematch was set inside Hell in a Cell.

Their match opened the Hell in a Cell main show and Sasha caught Becky off guard to get an early advantage. They put on another entertaining and hard-hitting match. Some memorable spots include a Meteora from Sasha sent Becky through the table, Becky hitting a dropkick by setting up Sasha on the chair and many such moves.

The end came when Sasha set up Becky for a top rope moonsault on some chairs that she brought in. But Becky countered and went on to a bexploder from the top, onto the chairs. She quickly locked Sasha into the DisArmHer and got the submission win.

This is the only second win over Sasha Banks for Becky Lynch in WWE main roster. And she will continue her RAW Women’s Championship reign beyond 6 months after this win.

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