Awesome Kong Officially Retired From Pro Wrestling At NWA EmPowerr

Awesome-Kong aew 2021

Awesome Kong made a surprise return at tonight’s all-women event at NWA EmPowerr and officially announced her retirement. 

Awesome Kong wasn’t the only one who made a surprise appearance. Gail Kim also returned at the event and was cutting a promo. However, she was interrupted by Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze, and Jennacide. All three of them decided to attack Kim but before they could do any serious damage Awesome Kong came to the ring and saved Gail Kim. 

After dispatching Terrell and her friends, Kong picked up the mic and addressed her long-time rival, Kim. She said it has been a tough year for him and the only thing that gets her off from her couch is Gail Kim. After that Awesome King announced, “I’m Done.” She officially retired from pro wrestling and she wanted her last moments in the ring with her strongest foe Gail Kim. 

Awesome Kong has worked in promotions like WWE, AEW, ROH, All Japan’s women pro wrestling, Shimmer, and many more throughout her nearly two decades career. 
Kong is a former NWA Women’s Champion, two-time Knockouts Champion, and she also grabbed the first spot on PWI’s list of the best 50 female singles wrestlers in 2008. But in tonight’s episode of NWA EmPowerr, she finally concluded her illustrious wrestling career.