Ortiz vs Martin(FOX PBC PPV) Live Results, Play by Play Updates

Ortiz vs Martin Results

Welcome to the live results blog of the Luiz Ortiz vs Charles Martin FOX PBC All Heavyweight PPV on January 1, 2022.

Former IBF Heavyweight Champion Charles Martin is trying to get another shot ever since losing it to Anthony Joshua in 2016. He has since gone 5-1 which includes a loss to Adam Kownacki that derailed his bid for a title rematch. A win here would set him up as the #1 contender for the IBF World title. Although, he remains inactive since February 2020 and might be rusty on return after a long time.

Luiz Ortiz will also be clamouring to gain another title shot as he has failed in two title bids against former WBC World Champion Deontay Wilder. Ortiz has fought once since his second loss to Wilder. That bout lasted just 45 seconds as he knocked out Alexander Flores.

Who will emerge as the new #1 contender for the title. Join us as we bring the round-by-round and play-by-play updates from Luiz Ortiz vs Charles Martin FOX PBC PPV and results from the undercard.


Main Card(from 8 PM EST, PPV)

  • Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin – 12 rounds – IBF Heavyweight Title Eliminator Bout
  • Frank Sanchez defeated Christian Hammer via unanimous decision(100-89, 100-89, 100-89) – 10 rounds – Heavyweight bout
  • Jonnie Rice defeated Micheal Coffie via Unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 99-91) – 10 rounds – Heavyweight bout
  • Gerald Washington defeated Ali Eren Demirezen via TKO of Round 8, 0:27 – 10 rounds – Heavyweight bout
  • Viktor Vykhryst defeated Iago Kiladze via TKO of Round 2, 1:44 – 10 rounds – Heavyweight bout

Prelims (7 PM EST, FOX)

  • Frank Martin defeated Romero Duno via TKO of Round 4, 2:54 – Lightweight bout
  • Lenier Pero defeated Geovany Bruzon via Unanimous decision (78-74, 77-75, 78-74) – Heavyweight bout

Ortiz vs Martin Live Updates

All the undercard fights are done now and we are waiting for the main event. Charles Martin is walking out first. Ortiz follows him shortly. The announcements are done and we are ready for the main event. No three knockdown rule in this match.

Round 1: Ortiz with the first jab at the body. Martin looks for the same. Martin is reaching out for that jab. Ortiz lands double jabs. Martin slips down after a collision. Ortiz is on his knees after a big swing from Martin. He gets up quickly though. Martin lands more jabs.

Round 2: Ortiz starts with his jabs. Martin moves in with hard shots. Martin with double jabs and body shots. Martin is growing in confidence. Ortiz fires back with a couple of punches. Ortiz counters a overhead right with a good punch. Martin jabs at head and body. Interesting fight already.

Round 3: Ortiz is the one to get the first punch in this round again. They exchange some shots, but nothing much powerful. They circle around for the most part without doing anything.

Round 4: Ortiz goes for jabs but Martin does well to avoid them. Martin with a jab and punch combo but Ortiz has his hands up. Ortiz lands some good jabs. 40 seconds later, Martin replies with his jabs. Martin is getting off balance as Ortiz lands his jabs. A body combo from Ortiz after Martin lands a sharp jab. A jab drops Ortiz in the final 10 seconds.

Round 5: Ortiz with double jabs to start this round. Martin misses an uppercut which could have been fatal. Ortiz lands a sharp jab. He lands a good combo and a right hand. Martin lands a hard jab with 20 seconds left. Ortiz fires back with a good shot just as the round ends.

Round 6: Ortiz lands a sharp left and he lands on the corner. Ortiz continues with his shot. Martin is bamboozled clearly. Ortiz continues to land his shots until the referee stops him. Martin’s hand is stuck in between the ropes. The referee untangles it. Martin restarts and this turned into a brawl now. Ortiz is raking up his shots. Martin trying to fight back. Ortiz continues to fire his shot. The referee stops it as Martin gets down again.

Official Decision: Luiz Ortiz defeated Charles Martin via TKO in 1:37 of round 6 of 12.

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