Jake Paul Believes “He Is More Popular” Than Conor McGregor

Jake Paul's entrance with Robot

Jake Paul recently said in a statement that he is more popular than famous MMA wrestler Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor and Jake Paul, both are among the most talked-about celebrities of their respective sport. Conor has several records in MMA and he is also known for his trash talk. Most of the time, he was able to back his words. But many a time, especially in the recent period, he had to face embarrassment because of his big words. 

Jake Paul has been demanding a boxing match with the Notorious for quite a while. However, it didn’t happen yet. But his ego got even worse after Dana White claimed that Jake Paul has a short shelf life. 

Paul took this opportunity to claim that he is more popular than White’s one of the most popular fighters Dana White. He posted a video in which he ran a Google search of his own and Conor Mcgregor’s name.

Jake Paul compared the number of results, he has a total of 187 million results whereas McGregor only got 62.4 million results. He used these numbers to mock Dana White. However, these numbers do not directly mean that Paul is more famous than the Irishman. The total results might be inflated due to Paul’s Youtube videos and reuploads.

The number of searches is usually a better measure of popularity. In that term, both fighters are more or less similar in popularity. The Youtuber is definitely getting more searches in recent times though with his incursions in boxing.

Before he could set up a clash with Conor McGregor, Jake Paul needs to focus on Tyron Woodley. He is all set to face Woodley on August 29 at a boxing PPV. Tyron Woodley is certainly one of the toughest opponents that Jake Paul has faced in his boxing career so far and the fans are eagerly waiting to see their fight.

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