NWA Announces Weekly TV Show ‘NWA Power’ From 8 October

NWA Announces Weekly TV Show 'NWA Power'
NWA Announces Weekly TV Show ‘NWA Power’

NWA, one of the oldest pro-wrestling organizations, has announced their new weekly TV show named ‘NWA Power’ starting from 8 October.

The announcement was made by NWA’s current owner Billy Corgan, during a press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in Georgia. NWA Power will air at 6:05 PM ET worldwide starting on NWA’s Facebook and YouTube channels for free. The first set of tapings for the show would be taking place later today and tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia.

This return to its roots for the National Wrestling Alliance with studio wrestling is being made widely available for all great wrestling fans at the same time around the world. You can watch this show with no restrictions, no paywalls. Watch with other NWA fans during the live premiere every Tuesday at 6:05 pm Eastern.

NWA Owner Billy Corgan

National Wrestling Alliance was founded back in 1948 and has been a premier wrestling promotion in North America at one point of time. Since then, the company had been purchased by various organizations. The recent owner Billy Corgan purchased NWA in 2017 who has allied with Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honour to share the stage.

Also, Corgan has reintroduced the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, NWA Women’s Championship, NWA National Heavyweight Championship and NWA World Tag Team Championship. Also, the company has reintroduced the Crockett Cup which was earlier held from 1986 to 1988 when the organization was under Jim Crockett Productions.

The October month has brought so many changes in the wrestling world. AEW will start their weekly show Dynamite from 2 October and will head to head against NXT on Wednesday prime time slots. WWE’s SmackDown will move to Fox Network and will start airing on Friday nights. Impact Wrestling will also start airing its show on Tuesdays on AXS.

And the new show from NWA before that on Tuesdays is also announced. Wrestling fans will be spoilt for choice.

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