AEW Rampage October 29, 2021- Results, Card, Preview

AEW Rampage 29 October 2021
Credits – AEW

AEW Rampage episode October 29, 2021, will be another pre-taped show. It will feature the semi-finals of the World Title Eliminator tournament and was taped at James L Knight Center, Miami FL, US.

The forthcoming episode of AEW Rampage will feature Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston in the semi-finals whereas the team of Lio Rush & Dante Martin will be in action against Sydal Bros. 

Keep on reading to complete details on the AEW Rampage episode of October 29, 2021, results, preview, match card, start time, location, and more information.

Show – AEW Rampage
Date – October 29, 2021
Location – James L Knight Center, Miami FL, US
Time – 10 PM EST (October 29 – 2 AM GMT)

World Title Eliminator Tournament Semi-Finals: The American Dragon, Bryan Danielson will go one-on-one against Eddie Kingston in the semi-finals of the World Title Eliminator tournament. Will Danielson will be able to get into the finals or will Kingston book his place at AEW Full Gear. 

Dante Martin vs Matt Sydal: This was supposed to be a tag team match between Sydal Brothers vs Martin & Rush. But Mike Sydal is still nursing his injury. The match is now turned into a singles match between Martin and Matt Sydal.

Trick or Treat: Tony Khan has sanctioned a match between Abadon and AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker. The trick here is that this match is a No Disqualification match while the treat for Abadon is that she will get a title shot if she wins this match.

You can watch AEW Rampage on Fite TV at the link below.


  • Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston in AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinal via submission.
  • Dante Martin defeated Matt Sydal
  • Britt Baker defeated Abadon

Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston – AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament

Some sparring in the first two minutes. This match is looking more like a MMA bout than a pro-wrestling match till now. The pace is slow until we cut to a picture in picture break. Eddie hits more chops as we return from the break. Bryan low bridges him to the floor. Bryan goes for a dive but Eddie hits him with Saito suplex. Eddie gets back in the ring and referee starst to count down. Bryan barely beats the count.

Eddie in complete control of the match now and keeps Bryan grounded. He takes Bryan to the top where Bryan tries to fight back. Eddie hits him with a big elbow and a big chop. Bryan slips out of a superplex and hits a belly to back suplex from the top. Bryan hits knife edge chops and side kicks to the chest. Bryan hits a round house kick to the head before the “Yes! kicks.” Eddie avoids the running knee.

Bryan gets to the mat and goes for the Fujiwara armbar. Eddie gets to his feet and counters into a DDT. Bryan puts on a triangle sleeper choke. Eddie tries to hit powerbomb but Bryan hits with elbows and keeps on the choke. Eddie shows him a middle finger but gets put to sleep.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

CM Punk is with Tony Schiavone backtage. They’re talking about Punk’s birthday and Halloween. We hear Eddie Kingston arguing with the referee over his stoppage call. Eddie suddenly barges in the frame and tells CM Pink, “I own you.” Punk and Kingston start getting into an argument verbally and security had to come out and separate them.

Dante Martin vs Matt Sydal

Martin starts with a takedown after a tense moment between former teammates. They trade armdrags takedowns. Back and forth action with counters until Sydal is sent into the corner. Martin hits a springboard dropkick to send Sydal to the floor. He hits a moonsault dive on the floor. We cut to a picture in picture break.

Martin hits a gamengiri from the apron. Sydal hits a back heel kick and a high speed double knee strikes, standing moonsault and sidekicks to the knee. Martin kicks out of a roll-up. Martin with elbow strikes followed by a sunset flip pin attempt. Martin leaps around to avoids some moves and brings Sydal down with an armdrag. He gets a near fall with double knees strikes.

Sydal chops him when he gets to the top. Sydal takes him down with headscissors. Martin counters with crucifix pin attempt. Sydal kicks at her leg and then rocks him with a roundhouse kick. Martin avoids leg spirral and drops Sydal with a daimond cutter. Martin gets the wins with double springboard moonsault.

Winner – Dante Martin

Britt Baker vs Abadon – Trick or Treat Street Fight

Abadon screams at Baker and scares her to the ropes. Hayter and Rebel encourage Baker to return to fight. Abadon hits Baker with a stunner. Baker rolls to the floor and gets out steel chair and table as we cut to a break.

Abadon hits a senton on the chair as we return. Baker hits Abadon with forearm before slamming her into the chair in the corner. Rebel and Hayter try to set up Abadon on the table but she fights back. Abadon drags Baker to the apron. Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker but the table does not break. Baker hits a suplex on the table but it does not break again.

Abadon pulls a bag from below and spreads thumbtacks in the ring. Baker tries to throw her into thumbtacks but Abadon drops her on the thumbtacks with an Urinage. Baker kicks out of the pin though. Rebel slips a steel chair into the ring and Baker slams it in Abadon’s face. Baker puts her neck in the steel chair and hits her with the stomp. But Abadon gets to her feet right away.

Baker gets her gloves on and hits a superkick. Baker puts thumbtacks inside Abadon’s mouth and puts on the lockjaw. Abadon tries to bit Baker’s finger. Hayter comes inside the ring and hits her with double ax handle. Baker rolls Abadon up on the thumbtacks to get the pin.

Winner – Britt Baker

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