AEW Dynamite Oct 16, 2021- Live Results & Updates

AEW Dynamite October 16 2021
Credits – AEW

AEW Dynamite will air on Saturday, October 16, 2021, in a makeshift schedule. The event will air from James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL. With a changed day, AEW is once again advertising a stacked card with the likes of Bryan Danielson, Malakai Black, Lucha Bros and others on the card.

Read on to check the live results from AEW Dynamite on October 16, 2021, with live updates, preview, match card, start time, location, tickets, and how to watch live streaming details.

Show – AEW Dynamite(Saturday Special)
Date – October 16, 2021
Location – James L Knight Center, Miami FL, US
Time – 8 PM EST(October 17- 12 AM GMT)

Malakai Black in Action: Last week, Dante Martin issues an open challenge for anyone in AEW to face him in the ring. Malakai Black appeared as the challenger to set up the match next week.

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish: Bryan Danielson will face the new AEW arrival in Bobby Fish. Will some new rivalry emerge from this match? Or will the Elites have a say in the outcome?

AAA World Tag Team Championship Match: Andrade El Idolo is not leaving Death Triangle alone. He is bringing in some masked team to challenge for Lucha Bros’ AAA Tag Team Championship.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Bracket: AEW will reveal the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament next week. The final of this tournament will take place at Full Gear PPV. A similar tournament took place last year also where Kenny Omega won and later defeated Jon Moxley to become AEW World Champion.

Keira Hogan vs Penelope Ford: Keira Hogan will make her AEW Dynamite singles debut as she takes on Penelope Ford.

Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta: Orange Cassidy will be in the corner of Wheeler Yuta as he takes on Jon Moxley in a singles match.


  • Malakia Black defeated Dante Martin in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Las Super Ranas/FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood) defeated Lucha Bros(Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix)(c) via pinfall to win AAA World Tag Team Championship.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Wheeler Yuta in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Super Kliq(Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Cole) defeated Dark Order(John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Evil Uno) via pinfall in a tag team match.
  • Penelope Ford defeated Keira Hogan in a singles match via submission.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Bobby Fish in a singles match via submission.

Live Updates

Malakai Black vs Dante Martin

Martin counters a German suplex but Black hits a few arm drags. Black works on the arm. Martin hits a dropkick coming off the ropes. Black cuts off his suicide dive and drops him with a back elbow. Black counters springboard move to a powerbomb. Black puts on a single-leg Boston Crab. Martin reaches the ropes for the break.

Black hits a knee breaker next and puts on a kneebar. Martin has to kick at Black’s face to break the submission. Martin goes for another springboard boar but Black grabs his leg. Martin hits a reverse hurricanrana. He hits a springboard moonsault dive on the ramp next. Back to the ring, they trade a few strike. Black gets rocked with an enziguiri. Black hits the Meteora, high roundhouse kick and a bridging German suplex for a nearfall.

Black wants to go for the superplex, but Martin hits a hurricanrana from the top. He hits the double jump moonsault next, but is late on the cover. Black puts on the single leg Boston Crab again. Black is himself struggling with his ribs. Black dodges the moonsault again and hits the Black Mass for the win.

Winner – Malakai Black

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are backstage for an interview. Jungle Boy says Luchasaurus is lucky to be here after the powerbomb last week by the Elites. Kenny Omega and the rest of The Elites come up and attack them again. Luchasaurus is sent through a table with a powerbomb.

Inner Circle & American Top Team

Chris Jericho comes out with the rest of the Inner Circle. Santana takes the mic, but gets interrupted by Dan Lambert, Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Paige Vanzant, Junior Dos Santos and others. Jericho takes the mic and asks Vanzant if he has some obsession with Inner Circle. He takes more shots at Vanzant. Jericho says the whole of Inner Circle and there will be no more 5 on 2 beatdowns and goes to challenge them for 10 men tag team match.

Lambert takes the mic again and says Men of the Year have bigger plans. He takes the shot at each member of Inner Circle. He has some conditions for accepting the match. Scorpio Sky reminds everyone that he has pinned Chris Jericho twice now. Guevera challenges any of the heels to step up to him next week.

Lucha Bros(c) vs Las Super Ranas – AAA Tag Team Championship

Andrade has brought in a team called Las Super Ranas, and the commentary team says they have never heard or seen this team. It seems that the team is FTR in masks. Lucha Bros enter next.

Harwood starts the match against Fenix. Harwood tries to remove the mask after taking down Fenix. Rey counters and tries to do the same thing. Penta and Wheeler come in the ring and Lucha Bros manage to unmask FTR. FTR takes control of the match as we cut to the break.

We return from the break with a double dropkick from Fenix. Penta hits a diving shot at the crotch. Cover on the both members of FTR, but they kick out. Penta and Fenix sent FTR to the floor and take them out with dives. Back in the ring, Lucha Bros were looking for the assisted piledriver on Harwood. Wheeler interferes and eats a superkick. He sends Penta over the table.

Fenix and Harwood battle in the ring after Fenix deals with Wheeler. Fenix drops Harwood with a big spinning kick. Tully Blanchard runs out and Harwood decks Fenix with AAA title belts. Harwood hits brainbuster for the pin on Fenix.

Winners – Las Super Ranas/FTR(win AAA Tag Team Championship)

Lio Rush & Dante Martin are backstage for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Rush says Dante knows he made a mistake by his own accord. But, he will have a new tag team partner from next week. That will be Lio Rush himself.

Back from the break, we see FTR celebrating their title win. MJF comes to Andrade and gets the money that they apparently decided for Andrade to take FTR for one night only.

Jon Moxley vs Wheelter Yuta

Moxley drops Yuta right after the bell. He hits a suplex next and finishes off with Paradigm shift quickly for the pin. Moxley leaves through the crowd.

Winner- Jon Moxley

Medical team is checking on Yuta after the match. Cassidy also comes in to check on him.

Serena Debb was giving an interview saying that she will drag the women’s division up to his level. Hikaru Shida attacks her and they brawl.

Super Kliq(Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Cole) vs Dark Order(John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Evil Uno)

Super Kliq attacks Dark Order trio before the match. John Silver turns it around for Dark Order before the bell rings. They dominate the initial minutes of the match, which is a move fest. Too much action to cover.

Nick Jackson tries to come back as he drops Silver to the apron but eats gamengiri quickly. Don Callis runs interference for Super Kliq to take control. The fun still continues though. The match continues as the move fest that it was. Adam Cole finishes off with Panama Sunrise and the Last shot.

Winner- Super Kliq

Jungle Boy runs out and attacks Cole. Jungle Boy grabs a chair from under the ring and forces Super Kliq to run back. Cutler remains in the ring and tries to use cold spray. Jungle Boy uses the chair to block it and cranks the chair on his back. Jungle Boy locks in a snare trap and uses the cold spray on Cutler as Super Kliq back off.

Anna Jay is backstage with Tony Schiavone to talk about Dark Order losing to Super Kliq. AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker rolls up and takes shots at Dark Order and calls them losers. This leads to a brawl between Jay and Baker.

We see footage as Cody Rhodes reaches his training venue. Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson and Red Velvet aren’t happy that Rhodes is late. Red Velvet even slaps Rhodes in the face. Rhodes is in a training session with his Nightmare Family crew. KiLynn King slaps Cody, and Cody gets mad over others ganging up on him. Arn shows Cody a pic of Dusty and gives a speech to inspire him. Cody back elbows Johnson and shows that he is ready.

MJF comes out to the ring and calls out Darby Allin. Then, he notes that Allin is not in the building and calls him a coward for no-show. He then asks Wardlow to bring in a referee and asks the referee to count out Darby. Before the referee could count to 10, Sting runs out and attacks Wardlow. MJF runs away.

Penelope Ford vs Keira Hogan

Ford pushes Hogan to the corner. Ford hits a shoulder tackle and works on the arm. Hogan sends her to the corner. Back and forth action continues. Hogan drops Ford with a neckbreaker. Ford bulldogs her into the turnbuckle. We cut to a picture in picture break.

Hogan hits a superplex as we return. They trade chops as they get back to their feet. Hogan hits a clothesline, back elbow and a dropkick. Ford hits a stunner. Hogan hits back with an innovative move. Ford hits a cutter and puts on the Muta lock for the submission.

Winner – Penelope Ford

Post-match, Ruby Soho runs out and forces Ford and Bunny to run away.

Miro gets a pre-recorded video. He is addressing God and asking him why he has forsaken his champion. He will snap next neck if he continues to be silent. Miro adds that his God is not mistaken, and he will be made your champion.

Adam Page Speaks

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces Adam Page. Page talks about leaving ROH with the Elites and coming to AEW. He promised fans that he would become the first AEW World Champion. But he lost and then kept losing. He won the AEW Tag Team titles with Kenny but then started to lose his friends.

The only thing that has helped him to keep going is the fans chanting “Cowboy Sh**” and that has helped him forget his past. He adds that he does not know how AEW Full Gear will end for him, but he is confident for the first time in his life that he would become the champion.

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish

They lock up and Fish hits some Muay Thai-style kicks. Bryan gets him in inverted cloverleaf and rakes his face. Fish unloads on Bryan gets in the corner. He hits a big roundhouse kick next. The action spills on the outside after Bryan makes a mini comeback. Fish sends his knee into the ringpost as we cut to the break.

Fish has Bryan in half crab as we return. Bryan hits a German suplex. Bryan hits a flurry of strikes. Fish also gets some kicks going before Bryan takes him down twice with dragon screw leg takedowns. Byrna works on Fish’s knee against the ringpost. Fish hits backdrop driver. HE takes Bryan to the top and hits avalanche Falcon arrow. He transitions into a knee bar as Bryan kicks out of the pin.

Bryan also catches him with knee bar and starts to hammer down his face with kicks. He puts more pressure on the leg with a heel hook to get the submission win.

Winner – Penelope Ford

Post-match, Ruby Soho runs out and forces Ford and Bunny to run away.