Jake Paul Comments On Firas Zahabi’s Accusations, Yet To Get Tested Ahead Of Woodley’s Fight

Jake Paul's entrance with Robot

Jake Paul is all set to collide against former UFC Champion, Tyron Woodley. However, he is yet to be drug tested ahead of the fight this Sunday. 

A lot of rumors were going around that Jake Paul is on performance-enhancing drugs (PED). It came to life when one of the renowned coaches Firas Zahabi claimed that Paul is using PED before his match whereas Woodley is not. 

Zahabi thinks that Paul will be on PEDs before going into the match. He also said that he doesn’t think Woodley would use any kind of drug before the match and he will be totally natural. But it can make a difference. 

Jake Paul finally addressed this rumor on Thursday. He informed MMA Junkie that his manager caught him off guard and revealed to him that Zahabi thinks he is on PEDs. After hearing that, Paul googled what PEDs are and then he replied to his manager that he had to check the meaning of PEDs on the internet. 

Jake Paul is actually taking it as a compliment because he thinks that people are already trying to take credit away from him. According to him, they’re just making an excuse so that they can justify Woodley’s loss. Paul also added that he is going into a real fight and is not doing it for an exhibition just like his brother Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. 

Jake Paul is ready to get tested at any time any day before the fight. He thinks it will happen on the day of the fight or a day before it on Saturday.