Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Rivalry Storyline

This article is about Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Rivalry storyline during their WWE career.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg, Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg wallpaper
Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

Goldberg was an unstoppable force in WCW, their biggest superstar during their last breath. But when WWE took over WCW, they did not sign him right away. In fact, it took almost 2 years that Goldberg came to WWE. And then too, he was only signed for 1 year as WWE feared that their fans will not lap him up due to being the flagbearer of WCW. What Goldberg was to WCW in 1997, Brock Lesnar became the same star for WWE in 2002. With both being at WWE in 2003-04, their face-off was inevitable. And even when they were at different brands, their paths did cross. Let’s dive into the storylines and results from the Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg rivalry.

How many matches have Brock Lesnar and Goldberg had in their career?

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have faced each other on 3 occasions.
1. WrestleMania 21, 2004
2. Survivor Series 2016
3. WrestleMania 32, 2017

What is Brock Lesnar’s Win-Loss Record against Goldberg?

Matches- 3
Win- 1
Losses- 2

#1 First Encounter at WrestleMania 2004 with Steve Austin as the special guest referee

Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg Wrestlemania 2004, Wrestlemania 2004 match card
Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg Wrestlemania 2004

Build-up to the Match

The storyline between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar started at the Survivor Series 2003 when Brock Lesnar was claiming in a backstage interview that he can beat anyone. Goldberg interrupted him at the time and the tension between them started. At the Royal Rumble match, Goldberg entered at no. 30 and was at his devastating best. Lesnar, who was not in the match, attacked Golberg which resulted in Goldberg being eliminated from the match. Goldberg demanded the match against Lesnar next night at RAW but was only given the ticket to No Way Out event by RAW General Manager Steve Austin.

At No Way Out, Lesnar came out and insulted Goldberg which prompted Goldberg to attack him. Goldberg was taken out of the arena by the security but he returned later during Lesnar’s WWE Championship defense. He speared Lesnar and Lesnar lost the WWE title to Eddie Guerrero. Next night at RAW, Lesnar attacked Steve Austin who was seen suggesting Goldberg attack Lesnar while also stealing his ATV. Vince McMahon set up the Interbrand match between Lesnar(SmackDown) and Goldberg(RAW) while also making Steve Austin the special guest referee.

Match Description

With such an explosive lineup, the match was anything but. It became common knowledge in the online community that Goldberg’s contract was up after WrestleMania. But another twist came in the story when rumors started circulating that Lesnar was also leaving WWE after this match. This resulted in a lot of hostility towards them as they entered for their match with the chants like “You sold out” towards Lesnar in particular. The match itself did not help the cause. Lesnar and Goldberg spent first few minutes after the bell staring at each other and locking in only to come at a stalemate, prompting this match sucks chants.

They finally started with some action as spears, suplexes, clotheslines were executed. Goldberg almost won the match with a neckbreaker and a spear but Lesnar kicked out. At this point, Goldberg went nose to nose to Steve Austin to liven up the crowd for a bit. Lesnar hit the F5 for a nearfall. He missed a Spear but Goldberg didn’t. Goldberg followed it up with a Jackhammer to get the win in 13 odd minutes which felt like a half an hour. After the match, Lesnar gave the middle finger to Stone Cold and he replied with a stunner. Golberg came back in the ring and Austin celebrated with him with some beers but he hit him also with the stunner to give the moment which became more memorable than the match.


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