WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Live Results & Updates – McIntyre vs Rollins

Money in the Bank Live Results

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Money in the Bank 2020 PPV.

Date- 10 May 2020
Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Start Time- 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/11 May 2020 4:30 AM IST)
Pre-Show Start Time- 6 PM EST(10 PM GMT/11 May 2020 3:30 AM IST)

Quick Results

  • Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro at the Kickoff pre-show
  • The New Day (c) defeated Lucha House Party, The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & John Morrison to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
  • Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth
  • Bayley(c) defeated Tamina to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt to retain WWE Universal Championship
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins to retain WWE Championship
  • Asuka wins Women’s Money in the Bank 2020 Ladder Match
  • Otis wins Men’s Money in the Bank 2020 Ladder Match

Money in the Bank 2020 Pre-Show Results & Updates

Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg welcome us to the Kickoff pre-show. The panel says much like the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Fun House Match, they have no idea what to expect for MITB Ladder Matches which will take place at WWE Headquarter building. They run down tonight’s match card before starting to discuss Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt match.

We cut to Alicia Ashton who is in WWE HQ’ lobby. She tells us about the rules of the match where wrestlers can use whatever is at their disposal as they make their way to the roof to get the contract. Number 8-10 of the top 10 moments of MITB PPV/matches/cash-ins are shown from previous years. Next, we see Dana Brooke’s appearance on WWE’s The Bump.

Renee Young, Booker T, and JBL talk about the ladder matches. They all give their picks for women’s ladder match. Booker picks Shayna Baszler, JBL goes with Asuka and Renee picks Lacey Evans. Backstage, SmackDown Tag Team Champions New Day talk about their title fatal 4-way match. Kofi says they don’t run from a challenge, it doesn’t matter what kind of match it is, they will always come out on top. We get a recap of Tamina vs Bayley feud and Tamina’s Nobody’s meaner promo.

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

We cut to Michael Cole and Corey Graves at WWE Performance Center as we go towards the kickoff show matches. Jeff Hardy enters first, followed by Cesaro. They lock up and Cesaro takes down Hardy with a shoulder tackle. He takes Hardy to a headlock. Hardy tries to come out and it takes some effort from him to reverse the lock. Cesaro whips him to the ropes to get hit by a shoulder tackle now. Hardy with another tackle to bring down Cesaro. He follows it with an atomic drop.

Cesaro moves out of the ring and Hardy jumps at him. Cesaro catches him and drops him on the barricade. The referee counts to 8 until Hardy enter the ring. Cesaro works on Hardy now with some upper cuts. He legdrops from the top before putting Hardy in a headlock/armtwist. Hardy fights out of it and hits a dropkick. They move out of the ring and Cesaro reverses a whip to send Hardy into the LED board of the ring. A legdrop from the middle rope now from Cesaro to get a two-count. Cesaro with some more upper cuts.

Hardy slams Cesaro with an armdrag when Cesaro puts him into shoulder stretch. He could not take advantage though as Cesaro jumps on him and unloads. Hardy hits a headbutt and a clothesline. Hardy fights back with a punch and atomic drop. A dropkick gets him a two-count. Hardy goes to the top but Cesaro trips him and tries for the gutwrench suplex from the top. Hardy with the Swanton bomb and gets a near fall. Cesaro reverses the backslide but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to get another near fall.

Hardy is frustrated now and power slams him in the middle of the ring. He goes to the top, Cesaro catches him and hits the gut-wrench suplex get a near fall of his own. Cesaro with an uppercut near the barricade before Hardy reverses the Irish whip, sending Cesaro into the steel steps. Hardy takes him down again with the flying elbow and hits the Swanton Bomb in the ring to get the pin.

Winner- Jeff Hardy

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