WWE will Likely Freeze Sasha Banks’ Contract

Sasha Banks Incident WrestleMania 2019, Sasha Banks WrestleMania 35
Sasha Banks with the Bank statement on Beth Pheonix at WrestleMania 2019,

More news is coming out regarding the dispute between WWE and Sasha Banks. WWE is more likely to add time to an already lengthy contract with Sasha Banks if she refuses to come back to work.

As reported earlier, WWE and Banks seem to be at a stalemate in their ongoing discussions. It is being mentioned that Sasha wants certain assurances regarding her future plans. On the other hand, WWE is not setting anything in stone but assuring her that things will certainly improve.

WWE obviously has an upper hand here since Banks is probably contracted with them beyond 2020. Not only this, if Sasha continues to away, it would make it additionally difficult for her to leave the company sooner. This due to the reason that WWE can add the same amount of time to her contract that she will be ‘unavailable.’ This is the same situation that Neville faced in 2017 and Luke Harper will likely be facing this time.

Another piece of news that is doing rounds is the possibility of Sasha moving to Smackdown on her return. Apparently, Sasha has some real issues with Alexa Bliss which was one of the points of her discussions with WWE. This will likely force WWE to move Sasha to Smackdown and away from Bliss. Still though, if and when Sasha is going to return, remains unknown.

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