WWE TLC 2019: Daniel Bryan Returns After Bray Wyatt Defeat Miz

Daniel Bryan return in a new look at WWE TLC 2019
Daniel Bryan return in a new look at WWE TLC 2019

After Bray Wyatt defeated the Miz at WWE TLC 2019 in the WWE Universal Championship match, Daniel Bryan made his return to stop him in his stride.

Bray Wyatt made his first appearance under his normal self during a match for the first time since his return earlier this year. Wyatt entered with the Firefly Fun House theme song and played with the crowd for a bit before starting the match.

Miz attacked Wyatt just after the bell, laying into him with strikes in the corner. Wyatt actually showed his reluctance to fight him initially but started showing flashes of the Fiend after a couple of minutes into the match.

Miz continued to assault him and delivered the Skull-Crushing Finale for a near fall. He continued to dominate for a bit more until Wyatt turned the table at the ringside. Wyatt purposely rammed his own shoulder into the guardrail(supposedly for putting it back in place) and started showing a bit more of the Fiend in his personality.

Miz tried to continue the beatdown but Wyatt dropped him with Sister Abigail on the floor. After the Miz beat the 10-count from the referee, Wyatt finished the match with another Sister Abigail.

After the match, The Fiend appeared on the titantron and Wyatt retrieved his big mallet from under the ring. Before he could use it on Miz, the lights went off and Daniel Bryan entered the ring in a hoodie. He delivered the running knee to Wyatt as chants of ‘YES’ erupted from the stands.

Bryan revealed a new and less hairy look and continued to unload on Wyatt with a series of running knees and Yes kicks. Bryan grabbed hold of the mallet but before he could strike Wyatt, the lights went off again and Wyatt and Miz disappeared from the ring.

The story between Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt started when the Fiend attacked Bryan backstage before Survivor Series. This lead to Bryan accepting the challenge for Survivor Series where the Fiend was able to retain the title.

On 29 November episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan cut a promo and returned with the Yes! movement. However, the Fiend attacked him and tore off his hair. Bryan was nowhere to be found after that and only returned at WWE TLC last night.

In the meantime, Wyatt started a feud with the Miz when Miz tried to find out about Bryan to set up a match at TLC.

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