WWE TLC 2019: King Corbin Reigns Supreme Over Roman

Baron Corbin got the help from Dolph Ziggler & the Revival at WWE TLC 2019
Baron Corbin got the help from Dolph Ziggler & the Revival at WWE TLC 2019

King Baron Corbin was able to defeat Roman Reigns at WWE TLC 2019 PPV after a ton of outside interferences from Dolph Ziggler, The Revival, and Corbin’s security.

Even before Roman Reigns could enter the ring for the match, Corbin sent one of his security men to attack Roman. Roman thrashed the security before starting a brawl with Corbin and sending him into the LED board at the entrance. Roman continued to dominate and pummeled the King around the arena.

But just as they got into the ring, Corbin surprised Roman with a Deep Six. But could only get a near fall. Corbin continued his attacks on him, using the stipulation to best effect by blasting Roman with ladders and chairs. A chokeslam backbreaker and a chokeslam on the announce table were the highlight of Corbin’s onslaught.

However, it was not long before Reigns made a comeback when Corbin tried to send him through the table but Roman countered with a Samoan drop of his own. Roman went for a spear at the ringside but Ziggler greeted him with a superkick. Ziggler and Corbin tried to recreate the dog food scene from SmackDown a couple of weeks back, but Roman was quick to ward off the danger.

The Revival also entered the fray to help out Corbin. Roman disposed of all of them and took Corbin into the ring, aiming to finish off the match. But Ziggler once again interfered and slammed a chair in his face. The Revival’s Shatter Machine and the End of Days from Corbin on a steel chair were then enough for Corbin to get the win.

The night did not end there for either one of them though. Roman and Corbin later started a backstage brawl and the Revival also got engaged with the New Day at the same time. Many other members and rivals also joined the brawl which continued until after the main event.

In the end, it turned out to be a set-up for Roman Reigns to get a big spot. As soon as the main event match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team title ended, the brawl entered into the crowd. Roman and Corbin went on to an elevated platform, from where Roman hit a spear to take him and Corbin on the horde of WWE Superstars brawling. Some way to end the last WWE PPV of this decade.

The feud between Roman Reigns and King Baron Corbin started over the captaincy of the SmackDown team at Survivor Series 2019. Corbin defeated Roman Reigns in a singles match at SmackDown episode of 8 November in Manchester with some helpful distraction from Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

At Survivor Series, Corbin interfered which caused the elimination of Mustafa Ali. An irritated Roman performed a spear on Corbin and aided to Corbin’s elimination. Corbin claimed that Team SmackDown won the Survivor Series match because of him and implied that Roman actually betrayed his team by getting him eliminated.

Reigns challenged Baron Corbin to a match but Corbin introduced Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode with Roode challenging Reigns for the match. Reigns won the match and went on to destroy Roode in the post-match brawl. The following week, a TLC match between Reigns and Corbin was announced for the PPV. Roman faced Dolph Ziggler the same week and came out on the winning side.

However, he was overpowered by Corbin, his security and Ziggler and they went on paste him with the dog food. At the SmackDown’s go-home edition for TLC, Roman came out to make the save on the New Day and went on to lay out Dolph Ziggler and forced Baron Corbin to make a run.

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