WWE SmackDown Results Sept 2, 2022- Roman 2-Year Celebration

WWE SmackDown 2 September 2022
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Welcome to the Live Results blog for WWE SmackDown episode of September 2, 2022, which will be the go-home episode for Clash at the Castle event, airing on a tape delay.

The Bloodline will celebrate 2 years of Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship title win. Drew McIntyre was beaten up by the Bloodline last week. How will he respond to the beat down. New Day will be taking on The Viking Raiders in a Viking Rules match, which is essentially a No Disqualification match/Street Fight.

Karrion Kross will make his in-ring debut in his second run in WWE. Ronda Rousey and Adam Pearce will meet in Rousey’s Final Judgement segment in the ring. Mace and Mansoor from Maximum Male Models will clash with Hit-Row in their first match since joining MMM. Additionally, Butch will face Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match before their stable leaders Sheamus and Gunther face off at Clash at the Castle.

Tune in for the complete results and live updates from WWE SmackDown September 2, 2022 episode with highlights, winners and videos. (Check spoilers here.)

WWE SmackDown September 2, 2022 Quick Results

  • The Viking Raiders(Erik & Ivar) defeated New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) in Viking Rules Match via pinfall.
  • Karrion Kross defeated Drew Gulak in a singles match via submission.
  • Hit-Row(Ashante Adonis & Top Dolla) defeated Maximum Male Models(Mace & Mansoor) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Happy Corbin in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Butch defeated Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

The Viking Raiders(Erik & Ivar) vs New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) – Viking Rules Match

The show opens with shots of the ring which is setup for the Viking Rules match with a longboat in front of it and some round shields in the bottom rope. The match starts and The Viking Raiders try to attack quickly. Kofi and Xavier send them to corner and unloads with punches. Vikings try to reverse a whip but New Day nail them with forearms. New Day stomp on Vikings in the corner. They hits corner dropkicks. The Vikings are sent to the floor and hit with suicide dives. New Day keeps control with several big moves on the floor. We cut to a break.

Woods hits a crossbody on Ivar in the crowd as we return. Kofi and Woods sends Erik over the apron. Ivar hits Woods with a crossbody against the barricade. Kofi and Erik are in the ring now. Erik counters and slams a kendo stick on Kofi’s back. He then hits an Urinage on Kofi. Kofi low bridges Ivar to the floor as he comes into the ring. Kofi hits an overhead kick to Erik before dropping him. Kofi brings out a Thor hammer from underneath the ring and slams it on Erik’s head, breaking it in the process. Woods comes in and helps Kofi bring out a table. Ivar attacks them from behind. Ivar takes them to the ship setup in front of the ring. Woods nails a superkick before Ivar hits him with a sit-down. Ivar hits a body slam from the second rope and Kofi had to break the pin.

Woods is fighting back against Erik and nails him with an enzuigiri. He then hits a basement slide on Ivar. Woods hits more quick moves on Erik in the ring. He sets up a chair in the ring. Kofi comes in to help Woods to put Erik into a chair with a leg sweep. Ivar hits Kofi with a roundhouse kick. Woods and Erik fall to the floor. Ivar misses a moonsault from the top on Kofi. Kofi hits a splash from the top and Woods hits an elbow drop from the top. Erik breaks the pin with a kick.

The Vikings are thrown to the ramp and New Day jumps on them from the longboat. Woods brings Erik to the longboat again. Erik counters to hit him with a DDT. Ivar hits Kofi with a shield. The Vikings hit Woods with a double powerbomb(calling it Ragnarok now) to send him through a double stacked table to get the pin.

Winners – The Viking Raiders

We get a video package for Roman Reigns narrated by Paul Heyman. Sami Zayn is preparing for the celebration backstage when The Usos come in and discuss about preparations. Jey says “the Wiseman” Paul Heyman should have been there tonight. Sami says he tried to bring him in but Heyman is still hurt. Jey then brings up Sami not helping him in his match against Kevin Owens last week. Sami tells Jimmy that it is hard thing for him to deal with and asks them not to talk about it.

Shayna Baszler is interviewed backstage and says she will win the title tomorrow. She says she will take apart Liv Morgan limb by limb. Liv comes in and says that is not gonna happen and she will break Baszler’s arm.

Karrion Kross cuts a promo backstage in Black and White with Scarlett beside him. Kross talks about Roman celebrating his title win and then says things will not be same for his opponent Drew Gulak tonight.

Karrion Kross vs Drew Gulak

Kross grabs Gulak by his throat and pushes him to the corner. Kross invites chops from Gulak and no-sells them. Gulak hits some punches before Kross hits a big boot to the face to drop him. Kross hits back elbows in the corner before hitting him with an overhead throw. Kross puts on a rear naked choke to get the submission from Gulak.

Winner- Karrion Kross

Kross holds onto the choke for a while and Gulak passes out. Kross and Scarlett pose with Gulak as he is unconscious on the apron.

Ronda Rousey’s Final Judgement

Ronda Rousey comes out for Final Judgement segment. She has a paper in her hand which she says is an official statement from WWE Global Headquarters. She calls out Adam Pearce to come and read it. Pearce comes out and tells Ronda that it was never been personal and he was just doing his job. Ronda tells him that he is spineless and she just wants him to read the letter out loud.

Pearce reads that Ronda has engaged in unprofessional behavior but it is not to level of criminal to get her arrested. Since she has paid her fines in full, her her suspension is lifted over and she can resume in-ring competition. Pearce calls this absurd and rants on how he was just doing his duty and how he is doing a thankless job 52 weeks in a year on two shows. Pearce says he is pround of his job but he does not appreciate people like Ronda just walking around here like she owns the place. Pearce calls Ronda the single biggest bitch. Ronda drops him and puts him in an armbar.

Maximum Male Models(Mace & Mansoor) vs Hit-Row(Ashante Adonis & Top Dolla)

Adonis starts against Mansoor. Mansoor brings him down with a takedown. Adonis sends him to the floor with a couple of quick moves and a dropkick. Mace comes in and is clotheslined to the floor. Los Lotharios come out and Hit Row talk them into a dropkick from B-Fab. Mansoor hits a DDT on Adonis from behind. Mansoor keeps control for a while before Adonis counters and brings in Top Dolla. Top Dolla drops Mace off the apron before hitting a knee strike on Mansoor. Hit Row hits Heavy Hitter to get the pin.

Winner- Hit-Row

Los Lotharios join MMM to attack Hit Row after the match. The Street Profits come out to make the save.

Happy Corbin is interviewed backstage and says he knows that he is the best man in the locker room and therefore, he is issuing an open challenge for anyone to face him next.

Happy Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura

After the break, Corbin is in the ring waiting for someone to answer his open challenge. Shinsuke Nakamura answers his challenge.

The bell rings and Corbin rushes him into the corner. Nakamura fires back with quick kicks and punches in the corner. Corbin nails him with forearm shot. Nakamura blocks a suplex with a knee strike. A heel kick drops Corbin. Corbin counters kinshasa with deep six for a near fall. Nakamura drops him with kinshasa to get the pin.

Winner- Shinsuke Nakamura

Butch vs Ludwig Kaiser

Butch starts with an armlock. Butch unloads on Kaiser after taking him to the corner. Kaiser pushes him to the mat and stands on his hairs. Butch drops him with a clothesline after running the ropes. Butch goes for the joint manipulation before stomping on Kaiser’s shoulder. Kaiser nails him with a slap in the corner. Butch catches him mid-air as he was going for a European uppercut. Kaiser moves to the floor. Butch goes for a double ax handle but Kaiser catches him with an uppercut in the air. We cut to a break.

More back and forth as we return before Butch hits a German suplex and stomps on Kaiser’s arm. Butch hits a kick to the face to get another two-count. Butch hits more stomps. Kaiser brings him down from the top rope before nailing a high kick to the face. A missile drop kick and a suplex get Kaiser a two-count. Butch lands on his feet on another suplex and nails kick to face. Kaiser counters and drops Butch in the middle. Butch hits up-kicks at his face. Kaiser blocks him before Butch goes for some joint manipulation. Butch hits Bitter End to get the pin.

Winner- Butch

We get another video package for Roman Riegns before cutting to Sami Zayn and the Usos backstage. Sami says everything is ready for the celebration tonight. Jimmy says they should get to the ring now. Sami says they should wait for Roman and all 4 of them from Bloodlien should enter together. Jey gets into an argument with Sami and says Sami is getting too comfortable in associating himself with Bloodline. But, Jimmy interjects saying that Roman should enter alone since the night is about him.

After the break, we see an Instagram video from Tyson Fury announcing that he will be at Clash at the Castle in the front row.

Roman’s 20 Years Celebration

The Usos and Sami Zayn enters for the celebration segment. Sami welcomes us to celebrate the historic title reign for the Tribal Chief. Sami asks permission from Jimmy to host it and takes shot at Jey on his “comfortable” jab earlier. Sami starts to talk but Jey cuts him off to praise Roman Reigns. Sami chimes in hillariously. They all join in together to announce Roman.

Roman enters to the parking in his SUV. As he gets out of it, Drew McIntyre sends him into the SUV with Claymore kick. Sami and The Usos are shocked watching this on the big screen. Drew comes out now. The Usos ask Sami to go deal with him at the ramp. Drew drops him with a Glasgow kiss before throwing off his vest and enters the ring. Drew throws them out of the ring and hit them with a tope con hilo. Drew brings in Sami and throws in some chair. Sami tries to fight back with the chair but Drew hits him with Claymore kick. Drew then hits The Usos with more moves on the floor. He finishes off with a spear on Jey through the barricade.

Drew takes the mic and says he will never ever stop. He asks Roman to look around him as the Bloodline is laid out and Roman’s God Mode deactivated. Drew says that it will only be he and Roman in Cardiff. We get replay of the segment as Drew poses to close the show.

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