WWE SmackDown Results May 24, 2024(Live from 1 PM ET)

Randy Orton vs Tama Tonga WWE SmackDown May 24
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Welcome to the live coverage blog for WWE SmackDown May 24, 2024 episode, which will be live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 1 PM ET onwards(airing in US from 8 PM ET).

WWE Women’s Champion Bayley will be in action on the show as she faces Chelsea Green in a non-title match. Then, there are four wrestler who are looking towards being in action on back-to-back days as they might reach the finals at King & Queen of the Ring 2024 tomorrow.

Randy Orton will face Tama Tonga in the semifinal of King of The Ring. Bianca Belair will face Nia Jax in the semifinal of Queen of the Ring tournament. Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul are expected to continue the build-up towards their Undisputed WWE title clash. Tune in below as we post live results and updates from WWE SmackDown May 24, 2024.


Randy Orton is shown entering the arena and so does The Bloodline(Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Paul Heyman. Nia Jax and Bianca Belair also get the same treatment. We get the video of Triple H announcing that the winner of King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring tournaments would get the World title shots at Summerslam.

Bianca Belair vs Nia Jax – Queen of the Ring Semifinal

Bianca Belair makes her entrance. Lyra Valkyrie is sitting in the front row. Nia Jax makes her entrance next. Two women are opening the first-ever SmackDown in Saudi Arabia, and the referee is also a woman.

Nia pushes Bianca down to the mat before throwing her around and hitting a corner splash. Bianca jumps on Nia’s back and tries to choke her. Nia back her into the corner to break free. Bianca uses her speed to push Nia. She mocks her from the corner before more running tackles and dropkicks. Bianca continues to use her speed to get more attack going. Bianca slams Nia’s face into the turnbuckle before hitting several punches from the second rope. Nia gets her down to the mat from the second rope, but then misses a running tackle in the corner to run into the ring post. Bianca hits a crossbody on the floor to take us to a break.

Nia has Bianca in a straight jacket as we return. Bianca tries to break free and Nia decides to slam her into the mat. Bianca hits some kicks before Nia drops her with a headbutt. Bianca has started selling a knee injury once again. Nia goes for stretch muffler but Bianca breaks free. Nia misses a senton. Bianca rolls her up to get a two-count. Nia hits a Samoan drop to get a near fall. Bianca avoids an attack in the corner before hitting a crossbody. Bianca’s knee injury leads to her getting late to the cover.

Nia hits some kicks before setting up the A-Nia-Hallator. Bianca blocks the move. Nia continues to work on Bianca’s leg. Nia goes for the A-Nia-Hallator again but Bianca goes for KOD. Bianca’s knees buckle and she drops to the mat. Nia takes her to the corner and hits A-Nia-Hallator to get the pinfall.

After the match, Nia gets interviewed in the ring by Kayla Braxton. Bianca is checked by a doctor in the corner. Nia cuts off Kayla and addresses Lyra Valkyrie to tell her that she has budged Bianca’s knee the same she budged through Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley and the same way she would budge through Lyra.

Backstage, we see A-Town Down in an animated discussion backstage.

Bianca Belair is tending to her knee backstage. Tiffany Stratton comes in and mocking gives her condolensces to Bianca for her injury and loss. After Stratton leaves, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell comes in and mocks Bianca. They say she has only one knee while they have 4. Jade Cargill comes in, which makes Candice and Indi squirm and leave. Jade tells Bianca that she will go and find Adam Pearce to book a match against them.

Grayson Waller Effect w/ Carmelo Hayes & LA Knight

A-Town Down Under are in the ring. The crowd seems to be getting behind them with some chants but they mock the crowd to get heel energy going. They praise LA Knight as they are about to introduce him but Carmelo Hayes’ music hits and he comes out. Carmelo tells the hosts to have a discussion and that them NXT guys should stick together. They welcome Carmelo Hayes saying that he is a way better guest than LA Knight. They downplay veterans before resorting to mock Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin, calling them egomaniacs.

Carmelo brings up Knight and says he has not accomplished anything. They all mock LA Knight until Knight’s music hits and he makes his entrance. Knight comes into the ring and throws out some of the decoration for the segment. Knight goes to cut a promo on Carmelo and shuts up Waller when he tries to interrupt. After giving Carmelo some harsh words, Knight starts to leave when Carmelo attacks him. Knight fights back with punches but A-Town Down Under also attack them from behind. The Street Profits and B-Fab run to save Knight and force them to leave the ring.

We see a video package for Blair Davenport.

Grayson Waller, Austin Theory & Carmelo Hayes vs LA Knight, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins

Carmelo and Ford start the match by trading wrist locks. Ford hits dropkicks and armdrags before tagging in Dawkins. Carmelo dodges Dawkins’ attack a few times before Dawkins hits a spinebuster. The heels take over control for a while before Knight gets the tag and tries to rally. His momentum was halted with some distraction. Knight quickly takes over control against Waller.

Angelo Dawkins tags in and sends Waller into the corner for a twisting splash. He attempts the same thing in the other corner but Theory pulls Waller out to send Dawkins crashing into the corner. Heels avoid Dawkins in the corner before sending him to the floor to take us to a break.

Dawkins is trying to tag out but Hayes hits a kick to his knee. Dawkins counters a springboard move with a back body drop. Waller gets a tag and drops Knight and Ford off the apron to stop the tag. Theory and Waller drop Dawkins. Dawkins counters with an uppercut on Waller. Knight pulls Theory down and tags in.

Knight runs riot with quick moves all three opponents including clothesline, a standing elbow drop and more. He goes for BFT on Waller who blocks it. Carmelo hits Knight with a codebreaker before the match breaks into chaos. Knight hits Waller with BFT before chasing down Carmelo on the floor to hit a tackle on the announce table. Ford hits a frog splash on Waller to get the pinfall.

We see the footage from kick-off show yesterday where Logan Paul gave away his brass knuckles to Michael Cole as he promised to not use them at King & Queen of the Ring and beat Cody Rhodes fair and square. Cody Rhodes is backstage where he meets Randy Orton. Orton tells Cody that he looks good. We cut to another break.

Tama Tonga is pacing around backstage. Paul Heyman is watching him from behind.

Cody Rhodes & Logan Paul Face-Off

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes makes his entrance. The crowd is singing his song. Huge “Cody” chants as he gets into the ring. Cody is about to start his promo when Logan Paul’s music interrupts him. Logan walks down the ramp with a mic. Logan says he is getting his third title shot in Saudi Arabia. He mocks Cody by saying that bleach he uses on his hair is making him stupid. Cody replies that his experience is telling him that Logan is nervous that he can get exposed. Logan says he has given up his knucle to Michael Cole. Cody asks the referee to check out Logan to find if Logan has really given up on his brass knuckles.

The referee gets into the ring but Logan asks him to check Cody first. Cody comes out clean. Logan gets checked and the referee finds a set of brass knuckles from his pocket. Logan tries to explain that he was not sure if he would need them tonight. Logan starts to leave but gets greeted with huge boos. Logan tells Cody that he will remain true to his promise and not use the knuckles. Cody hands the knuckles to a referee and cuts a passionate promo. He tells Logan that he would never be on his level until he starts to take this seriously. Cody promises to retain his title tomorrow.

Randy Orton gets interviewed by Byron Saxton. Randy says Tama Tonga has proved himself to be unhinged and unpredictable. But he is a veteran who has dealt with such unhinged, unpredictable wrestlers.

The Street Profits are interviewed backstage when DIY interrupt them to show some respect. Tommaso Ciampa changes tone, though, and spills their drink.

Bayley vs Chelsea Green

Green starts with a big punch and a tackle. She hits a move from the top rope before Bayley counters with a jawbreaker. Chelsea slides and trips Bayley before pulling her out and drop her to the mat. We cut to a break.

Bayley is trying to fight back when we return. Green drops her face on the ropes before hitting a flatliner. She hits Roughryder to get a near fall. Bayley takes advantage of Chelsea throwing tantrum and runs her over. Bayley hits The Roseplant to get the pinfall.

Before Bayley gets up after the match, Piper Niven hits her with a crossbody. She hits a body slam before Bayley starts to fight back. Piper brings her down and hits a senton and running crossbody. Piper starts to leave but returns to hit one more senton.

AJ Styles goes to Nick Aldis and tells him how close he was to beat Cody Rhodes to become the champion. So, he is asking for another title shot before making any rash decision. Aldis replies that personally he can give him a title shot, but professionally, AJ needs to earn it. AJ says he does not have much time to earn a title shot. Aldis replies that he can’t do anything about that part.

Andrade gets a video package where he says he is in control of his own destiny and will show who Andrade “El Idolo” is. Legado Del Fantasma are watching this video package. Angel says they should bring Andrade to Legado. Others disagree. Santos Escobar tells them to be smart.

We get a video package for the main event match. We cut to backstage where Tama Tonga is still pacing around. Paul Heyman talks to Solo Sikoa that Tanga Loa had issues clearing the customs. He asks Solo why is he hiring people like these to the Bloodline. Tama Tonga scares him and says he is doing things by the order of The Tribal Chief.

Randy Orton vs Tama Tonga – King of the Ring Semifinal

Gunther is in the front row now as both competitors make their entrance. Tonga catches Randy with quick punches. He unloads in the corner all over the body before the referee separates them. Randy lands some shots before sending Tonga in sent into the ring post. Randy continues to throw him around. He hits punches from the second rope before throwing Tonga to the floor. Tonga avoids a back body drop and hits a chop block on Randy’s knee from behind to bring him down. Tonga is in control as we cut to a break.

Tonga is working on Randy’s leg as we return. He goes for dive from the top rope on the leg but Randy moves out of the way. Randy goes for a draping DDT but Tonga takes advantage of the injured knee to block it. Tonga hits several shots to the chest before putting on a sleeper hold. Randy fights to his feet and slams Tonga into the corner. He backs Tonga into the corner to break free. Tonga gets him into another sleeper. Randy takes some time to get Tonga off him with a back body drop. Randy hits clotheslines before a snap powerslam as he starts to create some momentum.

Tonga dumps Randy to the floor. Solo urges Tonga to finish Randy. Randy counters to hit a side slam on the announce table on Tonga. Randy takes Tonga back to the ring and hits a draping DDT. Solo is looking worried now on the floor. Randy gets ready for RKO but Tonga pushes him into Solo on the apron. Randy decks Solo off the apron. Tonga rolls up Randy to get a two-count. Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere to get the pinfall.

Randy stares at Gunther from the ring. Solo attacks Randy from behind and hits him with the Samoan Spike. Kevin Owens’ music hits and he runs out to make the save. Solo and Tonga regroup on the floor. Owens checks on Randy who is selling a leg injury. Owens screams at The Bloodline as the show goes off the air.

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