WWE SmackDown Results May 17, 2024, Live Updates, Winners

WWE SmackDown May 17 2024
Credits – WWE

WWE SmackDown episode of May 17, 2024, will feature more quarterfinal matches for King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring tournament. Randy Orton faces Carmelo Hayes. LA Knight takes on Tama Tonga. Bianca Belair is slated to take on Tiffany Stratton while Jade Cargill clashes with Nia Jax.

The build-up for King & Queen of the Ring PLE will also continue with Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul coming face-to-face in a contract-signing segment. Tune in below for the results from WWE SmackDown May 17, 2024, with live updates and winners.


After a recap of first-round tournament matches, we saw all 8 competitors in action making their way to the ring. Cody Rhodes was also shown in the arena ahead of his contract signing segment.

Bianca Belair vs Tiffany Stratton – Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal

A back and forth start for the match, but Tiffany kicked at Belair’s knee to counter a handspring splash. This was followed by Tiffany focusing the attack on Belair’s knee as we headed to the break.

Tiffany continued to work the leg during the match. Belair blocked an attack on the floor finally to start a fight back. Belair worked the match with some quick moves before Tiffany was able to counter. Tiffany went for the handspring splash in the corner but Belair caught her and hit her with a German suplex. Tiffany caught the apron to stop getting dragged to the middle of the ring. The referee asked her to let it go and got busy in correcting the apron. This allowed Tiffany to rake Belair’s eyes. Tiffany hit a sliding lariat into a pinfall attempt but Belair kicked out. Tiffany went for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever but Belair tripped her on the top rope before hitting KOD to get the pinfall. Belair defeated Stratton to advance to semifinal of Queen of the Ring.

After the match, Belair was interviewed in the ring where she said she would not let her knee or anything get into the way of becoming Queen of the Ring.

We get a recap of segment from last week between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul. Logan Paul was backstage, moving towards SmackDown Manager Nick Aldis’ office. LA Knight came out of the room just as Logan was about to get in. They have a brief staredown before Aldis came out and asked Logan to get to their meeting.

We cut to The Bloodline in their locker room with Tama Tonga pacing around. Solo Sikoa got up and told him that it was time. Tonga and Tanga Loa left the room. Paul Heyman asked Solo if he talked to him(Roman Reigns) tonight. Solo replied, “every night”.

LA Knight is getting interviewed but was quickly interrupted by Carmelo Hayes as he wanted to provide Knight with an opportunity to welcome him. Knight tried to run him down the mic and warn him about seeing past Randy Orton. Hayes said the three most destructive letters in the sports entertainment after tonight would not be “RKO” but “HIM”. Knight replied that nobody would chant “HIM”, but they would chant “LA Knight” which the crowd screamed along with him.

LA Knight vs Tama Tonga – King of the Ring Quarterfinals

Knight started the match on a strong note but The Bloodline distracted him from the floor. Tonga hit Knight from behind before sending him into the ring post. Tonga continued to be in control through the break. Knight moved away from a move from the top. He hit a crossbody and powerslam. Loa pulled Tonga to the floor. Knight hit a baseball slide dropkick on Loa. Solo Sikoa had a staredown with Knight on the floor. Tonga caught Knight with a sidewalk slam to get the pinfall. Tonga defeated Knight to advance to the semifinal of King of the Ring.

Backstage, LA Knight was telling the referee that his shoulder was good as he got interrupted by Carmelo Hayes once again for a brief argument.

Contract Signing

SmackDown Manager Nick Aldis is in the ring and he brought out United States Champion Logan Paul and Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes. Cody talked about a War Games match that took place 32 years ago. He then talked about Logan not knowing about this match and how Logan is not a true fan of pro wrestling like he is. He added that Logan should put his title on-the-line as well as he teased becoming a Grand Slam Champion. Logan replied that Cody was saying the same thing the previous guys said about him. He did not come here to talk to him, but to sign a contract to fight him. “You Suck” chants as Logan asked for the contract. Logan tore down the contract. He said he never agreed to put his United States title on the line and had made a new contract with just Undisputed title match.

Nick Aldis got angry at Logan, saying that it was not what they agreed to while talking in his office. Cody calmed Aldis down and asked him to get back to his office as he would take care of it. Logan then said Cody had not done anything to deserve a shot at his title. He told Cody to just the contract. Cody got up angrily and got in Logan’s face saying he would knock him down. Cody signed the contract for the match. Logan tried to catch him with a hit from the title but Cody ducked and sent him to the floor. Cody put one of Logan’s associates through the table with a powerbomb.

In an interview backstage, Nia Jax claimed that Nia Jax may be strong but she would not become the Queen of the Ring.

Jade Cargill vs Nia Jax – Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal

Nia started with a big punch to drop Jade before a clothesline. Jade avoided a senton before taking Nia down with a double leg takedown. Nia moved to the floor where Jade’s daughter was sitting. Nia told her that her mom was not winning tonight. Jade tried to fight her but Jade drove her into the barricade before throwing her into the timekeeper’s arena. Nia picked up a steel chair but Nia blocked the chair shot and hit Nia with it. The referee called for the disqualification. Jax defeated Cargill(via DQ) to advance to the semifinal of Queen of the Ring.

The two women continued to fight, with Jade getting the upperhand with tackles and shots. Officials came out to separate them. Jade went past all of them to once again attack Nia.

DIY(Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) vs Legado Del Fantasma(Berto & Angel)

WWE Tag Team Champions A-Town Down Under were on the commentary during the match.. Back and forth start between Berto and Gargano before Gargano hit a hurricanrana. Ciampa joined him for some double team attack as Angel tagged in. They hit stereo dropkicks on Santos Escobar and Berto on the floor. Angel attacked Ciampa from behind to turn things around for Legado and took over control.

After the break, Legado was in control with quick tags. Ciampa and Berto got into a see-saw battle over a suplex where Ciampa was able to hit the move. Gargano got the tag and ran rampant against Berto, hitting a slingshot spear before taking out Angel on the floor with a suicide dive. Gargano went to the top rope but Escobar distracted the referee to allow Elektra Lopez to trip Gargano. The referee caught Lopez and booted her. Behind the referee, DIY hit their “Meet in the Middle” finisher to get the win. DIY defeated Legado Del Fantasma.

After the match, DIY had a staredown with A-Town Down Under.

The commentary team acknowledged all the technical glitches and QR Codes in the past few weeks. We got to see the footage of Bray Wyatt’s therapist which was uploaded on WWE’s Twitch Channel after it was hacked.

AJ Styles was interviewed backstage talking about his losses to Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton the past two weeks. He would go to Nick Aldis’ office next week to see where he would go from here.

WWE Women’s Champion Bayley was getting interviewed for her predictions for Queen of the Ring now that Jade Cargill was out of the tournament. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven interrupted her quickly and said Piper lost last week due to Bayley’s bad ju-ju. Bayley told them that she would face them in the ring next week.

Randy Orton vs Carmelo Hayes – King of the Ring Quarterfinals

Carmelo started the match on a good note but ended up insulting Orton with a slap to the back of his head. Orton then hit back with a snap powerslam before dropping him on the announce table to take us to a break.

After the break, Carmelo concentrated the attack on Orton’s knee. Orton dodged a move from the top rope and went on to hit a DDT on the floor. Carmelo dodged RKO to roll him up for a two-count. Carmelo then went for a springboard move which got countered by an RKO from Orton for the pinfall. Orton defeated Hayes to advance to the semifinal of King of the Ring tournament.

The Bloodline came out after the match as Smackdown semifinal is confirmed between Tama Tonga and Orton. Orton took the mic quickly and asked whether The Bloodline is trying to intimidate him. He said that he is a 14-time World Champion and soon to become King of the Ring. Next week, he would introduced his kick to Tama Tonga’s ass.

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