WWE SmackDown May 26, 2023 Results & Live Updates

WWE Smackdown May 26 2023
Credits – WWE

WWE SmackDown May 26, 2023, was a pre-taped show for the go-home edition for Night of Champions, and we were here to cover tape delay telecast and results from the show.

For the impatience ones, spoilers are available at this link. The lineup had Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa appearing in the Kevin Owens Show. Roman and Solo were set to challenge Owens and Sami Zayn for undisputed tag team titles at Night of Champions.

3 matches were announced for SmackDown May 26 episode, starting with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory facing Sheamus in a non-title match. Raquel Rodriguez reunited with Shotzi to take on Damage CTRL’s Bayley and Iyo Sky. AJ Styles prepared to face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2023 by facing Harbinger of Doom Karrion Kross.

Two more matches were taped but were not announced in prior included Cameron Grimes taking on Ashante “Thee” Adonis from Hit-Row, and LA Knight taking on Ricky Boogs. Tune in below for complete play-by-play action from WWE Friday Night SmackDown from May 26, 2023 episode with live updates and results.


  • Austin Theory defeated Sheamus in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi defeated Damage CTRL(Bayley & Iyo Sky) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Cameron Grimes defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis in a singles match via pinfall.
  • LA Knight defeated Rick Boogs in a singles match via pinfall.
  • AJ Styles defeated Karrion Kross in a singles match via pinfall.


Austin Theory vs Sheamus

Holland and Butch stop Theory from using a steel chair. Sheamus hits Theory with Beats of Beltering. Sheamus then looks for a Brogue kick but he gets distracted when Pretty Deadly attacked Butch and Ridge Holland on the floor. Sheamus pulls Kit Wilson to the apron to hit 10 Beats of Beltering. Theory rolls Sheamus up and uses the trunks to get the pinfall.

Winner – Austin Theory

Roman Reigns has the whole Bloodline in his locker room. Heyman tells The Usos that, to make up for them missing Night of Champions, The Tribal Cheif has welcomed them to join the 1000 days celebration as Universal Champion next week on SmackDown. Jimmy looks to leave but Roman orders him to sit down. Jimmy refuses to budge after getting up. Roman says he will whoop Jimmy like he did when they were kids, then tells him to respect him and acknowledge him. A frustrated Roman then kicks him out of the dressing room. Jey takes his brother out.

Damage CTRL(Bayley & Iyo Sky) vs Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi

Iyo nails Shotzi with a few kicks to the face. Shotzi blocks a double-underhook suplex before hitting bridging suplex herself. Bayley breaks the pin. Raquel tags in but a double team move is blocked after Bayley pushes Shotzi off the top rope and Iyo hits a sunset flip on Raquel. Bayley tags in and goes for sunset flip on Raquel Rodriguez. Iyo hits splash and rolls off Raquel’s back. But Raquel was on top of Bayley who was in the middle of sunset flip and Raquel gets into a pinning position to get the three count.

Winners – Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi

We get video packages for Seth Rollins and AJ Styles to hype them up for World Heavyweight Championship match.

We get a video package for Grayson Waller after the break.

Cameron Grimes vs Ashante “Thee” Adonis

Grimes starts with a shoulder tackle and a hurricanrana. Grimes hits a kick to drop Adonis again before hitting a standing splash. Adonis whips him across the ring before he misses in the corner. Top Dolla trips Grimes from the floor. Adonis takes advantage and rushes Grimes with some attack. He whips Grimes to the corner and then hits a suplex. Grimes comes back with double ax handles and a hurricanrana. Grimes finishes off with Cave In to get the pinfall.

Winner – Cameron Grimes

Grimes is on the stage where Baron Corbin attacks him from behind.

We get a video package to recap Asuka’s mist attacks on Bianca Belair in the past two weeks. Bianca is out in the ring and starts to talk about defending the RAW Women’s title against Asuka. She says this Asuka is different. The previous Asuka had respect and just wanted the title. But this Asuka is different and wants to humiliate her. Bianca says Asuka could have asked for a title shot but she waited until she was in her hometown and misted her. But now, she will not only give Asuka a rematch, but also a fight at Night of Champions. Asuka’s music hits and she attacks Bianca from behind. Asuka puts on armbar on Bianca. Referees and Crew Members run out separate them. They break free and Bianca goes to hit Asuka with KOD, but crew catches Asuka. Asuka runs out damage free and is all smiles.

Rick Boogs vs LA Knight

The Street Profits are out to ringside for this match. Boogs starts with a big shoulder tackle and tossing Knight across the ring. Knight circles the ring before Boogs nails him with a punch and then drops him on the announce table. The Profits hypes up Boogs. Knight catches Boogs with kicks on his way in. Boogs hits back with punches quickly. He misses a corner tackle then.

Knight hits some kicks before a hip attack in the corner. Knight drives Boogs into the mat before he misses a knee drop. Boogs fights out of a front face lock and hits a back body drop. Knight fires a couple of punches and then some kicks to midsection. Boogs hits another back body drop. He hits a gutwrench suplex next. Knight blocks a pumphandle slam and rakes his eyes. Knight hits BFT(blunt force trauma) to get the pinfall.

Winner – LA Knight

Knight gets into The Street Profits and runs them down for talking trash. He throws his mic into Wade Barrett on the commentary.

AJ Styles vs Karrion Kross

Kross starts with big punches. He sends AJ’s face into the turnbuckle before he hitting a corner splash and a suplex. AJ avoids a corner splash and starts hitting chops and punches. The referee separates him. Kross whips AJ into the corner but AJ hits a big boot. Kross distracts the referee as AJ gets to the apron. Scarlett pulls AJ’s leg and Kross takes advantage by knocking AJ off the apron. Mia Yim comes out and chases Scarlett to backstage. We cut to a break.

Kross hit AJ with a powerbomb into the ring post during the break. Kross is still in control. AJ tries to fire back with punches but Kross hits with a back elbow. AJ fires somes punches, a chop and an enzuigiri. AJ hits a corner clothesline and Pele kick, followed by a running floating forearm. He hits Ushi Garoshi to get a two-count. Kross blocks a tornado DDT and hits suplex, followed by a fisherman’s suplex to get a two-count. Kross removes his elbow cap but misssing Kross hammer as AJ ducks him. AJ fires with a flurry of strikes. Kross blocks Styles clash but AJ hits him with a forearm from the apron. AJ hits The Phenomenal Forearm to get the pinfall.

Winner – AJ Styles

The Kevin Owens Show

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are out in the ring. They welcome us to the Kevin(and Sami) show. They call out Roman Reigns but it is Paul Heyman who comes out instead. Heyman tells the crowd that there would be no booing when The Tribal Chief comes out. The Usos’ music hits and they walk past Heyman. The Usos bring up Owens and Sami costing them a match last week and are pissed about it. Owens stops Sami from talking to The Usos and says it is the Usos he actually wanted to talk to.

Owens says Sami keeps saying that The Usos deserve better but they are not listening. Owens says now he will try and get through to The Usos. Owens says Sami is right about everything and the way Roman treats them. He calls Roman a narcissist who treats The Usos as disposable, does not want The Usos to not do anything without his orders. Owens asks them how it feels for them to become Roman’s errand boys after being the greatest tag team in WWE history. Jimmy takes offense on this and says he does not take order from The Tribal Cheif.

Roman’s music hits and he comes out alone. He gets into the Usos’ face and throws away their mic. Sami tells Roman that The Bloodline is collapsing and its all Roman’s fault. Roman throws away Sami’s mic. Owens hits Roman with a stunner. The Usos attack Sami and Owens but the tag champs get the upper hand. Solo comes out and hits Sami and Owens with Samoan Spike. Roman hits Sami with a spear. The Usos pick up tag team titles but Roman asks to hand them over. Jimmy does not want to do it but Jey gives them to Roman. Roman holds the tag titles in the air as the Bloodline pose to close the show.

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