WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 20 December 2019

Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks

The bell rings as the show returns from commercial break. Evans puts Sasha in the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle a few times. Sasha returns the favor later and follows up with a Meteora. Banks hits a suplex and another Meteora for a near fall. Evans boots Banks in the corner and hits a knee to the midsection. She also sidesteps Banks in the corner to send her into the turnbuckle.

Evans hits a pendulum dropkick to send Sasha off the apron. Lacey threatens Bayley to back off and slams Banks’ head into the floor a few times. Bayley provides a distraction and Banks drops Evans and sends her into the barrier. Lacey’s husband and daughter are in the front row and Sasha is beating Evans in front of them. The referee counts to 10 and both Banks and Evans get counted out.

After the bell, Banks was shouting something at Evans’ daughter. The daughter was also staring fiercely at Banks until Evans tackles her into the barrier. Brooke tries to pull Evans back while Bayley goes to check on Banks. The referee also gets in between the two sides. Evans and Brooke stand tall in the ring while Banks and Bayley retreat up the ramp.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz vs Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

Bryan and Ziggler start the match. Bryan unloads on Ziggler before a tag to the Miz. Corbin tries to attack Miz in the ring. Bryan makes the save and all four of them are in the ring now. Bryan and Miz deliver Yes Kicks at the same time before clearing the ring. Bryan poses in the corner as we head to the break.

Miz avoids a move to tag in Daniel Bryan. Bryan is dropped in the ring but comes back with a dropkick. He hits a couple of running knee in the corner. Cesaro clotheslines him for two-count. Ziggler tags in and keeps control over Bryan. He hits an elbow drop for a two-count.

Bryan hits a few punches and goes for the tag to Miz. But Ziggler knocks Miz off the apron. He takes Bryan to their corner to tag in Corbin. Corbin mocks the Yes! chants as he keeps control over Bryan. Ziggler unloads on Bryan in the corner and Corbin rocks him with a clothesline. Corbin takes him to the top where Bryan fights out and pushes off Corbin. He hits a dropkick and both Ziggler and Miz get the tag.

Miz takes it to Ziggler and quickly corners him for some clotheslines and a dropkick. Corbin comes in and eats the skull crushing finale. Ziggler hits the zig-zag for a two-count. The Miz puts Ziggler in figure four and Bryan keeps Corbin out of the match with a running knee. Ziggler gives up.

Winner- The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Bryan vs Corbin vs Miz- a triple threat match for the number #1 contender match is announced for the next week. As soon as the match ends, the lights started doing down. The show goes off the air as we hear Bray Wyatt’s laugh.

WWE SmackDown 20 December 2019 Quick Results

  • Heavy Machinery defeated The Revival in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight
  • Carmella defeated Sonya Deville
  • The New Day defeated Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Bayley defeated Dana Brooke
  • Sasha Banks vs Lacey Evans ended in a double count-out
  • The Miz & Daniel Bryan defeated Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

SmackDown Results Chronology

Results 13 December 2019Results 27 December 2019

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