WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results & Updates 15 May 2020

Otis is asking Sheamus to be his tag team partner for tonight. Sheamus smiles but then shouts at Otis to even think out it. We go to break. After the break, Mandy Rose approaches Otis. Otis is worried that Sheamus refused to be his tag team partner. Rose advises him to ask Braun Strowman. Otis gives a kiss to Rose and goes away to find Strowman.

The Mystery Hacker takes over the feed again. This time, he is showing some footage from WWE.com exclusive videos on the hoard of screens back. After this, Otis approaches Braun Strowman and asks him to be his tag team partner for tonight. Strowman wonders whether Otis just wants him to enter the ring somehow and use the MITB briefcase. Otis replies that he just wants the tag partner. Strowman tells him that he has respect for him and will be his partner.

Naomi vs Dana Brooke

Naomi goes for an early roll-up and gets a two-count. Brooke comes back but Naomi unloads and sends her into the corner. Naomi with a running splash. Brooke comes back for another roll-up. Brooke ducks a kick and drops Naomi. Brooke with more offense. Brooke goes for the back elbow into the corner but Naomi sweeps her legs out. Naomi goes to the top and hits a crossbody but can’t get the pin. More back and forth now. Brooke counters a move and falls down on Naomi to get the pin and the surprise win.

Winner- Dana Brooke

We get a recap of Becky Lynch’s career with WWE and the segment from this week’s RAW where she handed the title to Asuka and announces her pregnancy.

Charlotte Flair on SmackDown

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair in out in normal clothes. Flair calls herself the hardest working woman in the business. She says she’s working all three brands because the numbers were crunched and it was determined the people want more Flair. She says FOX took advantage of the Brand-To-Brand Invitation to get here tonight. She goes on putting herself over until the music interrupts. Out comes Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley.

Bayley says it’s nice to see Flair but she’s a role model now and doesn’t lie. They both mock her by shouting “Woos.” They remind us the last time we saw Flair was when Bayley beat her for the title. Flair talks down to her and picks on her hairstyle. Bayley touts herself as the first Grand Slam Champion. She tells Flair to go back to NXT and give the youngsters something to look up to, or go back to RAW and keep beating Liv Morgan. Bayley keeps bragging and tells Flair to get the hell out of their ring. Flair says some things never change. She says Banks made Bayley relevant when she was NXT Women’s Champion and now Banks is the only reason Bayley is SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Flair tries to create issues between the two, saying she can’t believe Banks is content just being an afterthought in Bayley’s corner. Bayley tells Flair to shut up because she could never understand friendship like this. Flair asks for someone in the truck to cut Bayley’s mic so Banks can talk. Bayley says enough talking, she’s ready to fight. Champion vs. Champion. Flair says FOX would love to have her on their show again, so challenge accepted. Flair tells Banks to think long and hard about this – are you your own woman or just Bayley’s lackey and happy being an afterthought? Flair delivers a “Wooo!” to taunt Banks and her music hits. Flair makes her exit as Bayley talks some trash. Banks and Bayley show solidarity but Banks looks bothered about something.

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak- Round 1 Match, Intercontinental Championship Tournament

Gulak goes for the arm twists to start and Bryan goes to take him down with an arm drag. They try to counter each other more with head locks. Bryan goes to work on the wrist but Gulak rolls him for a quick one-count. Bryan puts him in Yes lock but Gulak reaches the ropes quickly. They trade waist lock briefly and the Gu-Lock is applied. Bryan breaks the hold.

They lock up again. Bryan hits an elbow on the shoulder and puts him in the hammerlock. Gulak rolls him up but Bryan breaks the pin, still keeping the hammerlock. Bryan hits the Falcon arrow from the hammerlock position. Gulak reverses the pin for another two-count. Gulak drops Bryan onto the floor with a back body drops as we go to the break.

Bryan hits a suplex as we return. Gulak puts him in the head lock. Bryan picks him up but Gulak uses his knees and keeps hold of the lock. Bryan sweeps him with dragon screws, and then another one, before put him in the ankle lock. He goes for the Full Nelson when Gulak counters for one-count. Gulak picks him up and hits the power slam to get another two-count. Gulak is selling a knee injury.

Bryan avoids the German suplex from the ropes and hits one of his own. Bryan waits for Gulak to get up and Gulak comes with another roll up for one-count. They keep going back and forth for some more time as Bryan continues to work on Gulak’s leg. Bryan takes Gulak down with dragon screw and puts on a leg lock. Gulak tries to reach the ropes but Bryan takes him away and Gulak is forced to give up.

Winner- Daniel Bryan

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