WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 13 August 2019

WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 13 August 2019 – Page 3

The Revival are interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton. She asks why they challenged The New Day. They mention their WWE 24/7 Title reign on RAW last night and says they realized it was a slap to their faces, and a slap to the tag team division. They go on knocking The New Day as the class clowns of WWE, saying they are ruining tag team wrestling. They will show tonight why The New Day has never defeated The Revival, and show what The Revival thinks about a punchline.

Backstage, Xavier Woods is with Kofi Kingston and Big E. He is upset that King of the Ring is back and he is not in it. An interview rolls up to ask for a response to Revival’s claim that they ruined the tag division. They admit to ruining Christmas and other things, but they say they have never ruined the tag division, just handled their business, the way Kofi Kingston has handled Randy Orton. He says he’d attack Orton like he did at SummerSlam again because family comes first, and that’s why he’ll be at ringside when his brothers wrestle the Revival.

Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Owens

After Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens enter, Greg Hamilton took the mic and said that he has been informed that there will be a special ring enforcer for this match and it will be Elias.

Owens hits a dropkick right after the bell and corners Joe to hit some punches. The referee separates them in the corner but Joe immediately puts KO in the corner for a flurry of punches. KO hits a clothesline to take him down. Joe rolls out of the ring to avoid a cannonball and Elias stops him from jumping off the apron. Joe trips KO at the apron as we head to a break.

Joe is controlling the match when we return. Owens hits a few strikes before a headbutt puts him down. The Prize Fighter hits a dropkick from the middle rope followed by a senton for a near fall. Owens knocks Joe off the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb for a two count. Joe blocks a Stunner but he can’t block the Popup Powerbomb. Elias pulls the ref out of the ring. Joe rolls up Owens and Elias makes the fast count to give Joe the win

Buddy Murphy has become a drum!!

We see Daniel Bryan and Rowan backstage. They enter the men’s locker room and tell everyone to get out, except Murphy. Rowan forces Murphy to have a seat. Bryan says they know Murphy lied when he said he saw Rowan near the forklift accident. Bryan tells Murphy to go ahead and tell everyone how he lied. Bryan repeats himself a few times but Murphy stays silent. Bryan asks Murphy if he sees the damage he’s done to the reputations of Rowan and Bryan. Bryan tells him again to admit how he lied.

Rowan attacks Murphy and manhandles him around the locker room as Bryan rants about how Murphy needs to admit what he’s done. Rowan pins Murphy against the wall as Bryan yells at him. Murphy says “OK!” but Bryan wants to hear him say he lied. Murphy finally starts yelling that he lied. Rowan lets him down and he falls to the floor. Bryan calms down and says he really just hates liars. Rowan tosses Murphy across the room one more time.

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