WWE SmackDown August 25, 2023, Preview & Match Card

Rey Mysterio vs Grayson Waller WWE SmackDown August 24
Rey Mysterio vs Grayson Waller WWE SmackDown August 24, Credits – WWE

WWE SmackDown episode of August 25. 2023, is set to feature Rey Mysterio in action along with the return of Jimmy Uso with just 8 days before Payback 2023.

Jimmy Uso is all set to return to the Island of Relevancy after two weeks. Rey Mysterio will compete in a non-title match against Grayson Waller. Moreover, the show will also continue the buildup to WWE Payback 2023 PPV Event. Read below to check the complete preview and match card of WWE SmackDown August 25, 2023. 

Jimmy Uso Returns to SmackDown

Last week on SmackDown, Paul Heyman revealed in a backstage interview that Jimmy Uso will appear live on this week’s show. It will be Jimmy’s first appearance after he revealed that he did not betray Jey due to Roman Reigns, he just did not want Jey to become like Roman. The same night, Jey Uso quits The Bloodline, SmackDown, and WWE as a whole. What more does Jimmy have to say? And will he be able to bring Jey back to WWE? Are we really moving towards the much-anticipated brother vs brother match? 

Rey Mysterio vs Grayson Waller

Last week, Grayson Waller hosted both Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar during the Grayson Waller Effect where he planted seeds for the breakup of LWO. Waller accused Mysterio of stealing Escobar’s opportunity. Now, this week Rey Mysterio is set to compete against him in a non-title match. Austin Theory also earned a rematch for United States Championship match last week by beating LA Knight. Will he try to affect the result of this match?

Iyo Sky defends vs Zelina Vega

Iyo Sky is set to defend her WWE Women’s Championship for the first time as she faces Zelina Vega. Vega has been on a roll with many important singles wins in recent months. Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair got a win over Damage CTRL last week. Will they try to cost Sky the title here? Can Zelina Vega become the second member of LWO to win gold after Rey Mysterio?

What Else to Expect?

The Street Profits defeated The OC as they returned to in-ring return with a big win. What will be their next step towards SmackDown domination with Bobby Lashley?

LA Knight and The Miz are going after each other on both RAW and SmackDown for the last three weeks. Will we see them once again on this show?

Will more matches be announced for Payback? 3 matches were made official from RAW side. Which matches will be announced from SmackDown side?


  1. WWE smackdown need both Jimmy and Jey in the same side as a tag team. They are the best tag team in the WWE today.

  2. It’s 8 days before payback and still no decision on who is challenging Sky at Payback?? Will Bianca appear? Former champ Asuka received terrible booking during her pitiful 70 day Women’s Champion reign!! Will it be Asuka vs. Charlotte to decide the challenger? I guess we’ll finally learn in a few hours what WWE has cooked up for tonight’s Smack Down episode!

  3. Is not going to be Bianca Belair she has her time but she is just like Shayna Baszler always choosing Charlotte Flair for the women’s belt i like the damage control she had it coming holding the belt so long. Asuka is another story ever since Becky Lynch tell her she is new champion since money in the bank 2020 in 3 years ago. They should not go after Iyo Sky is not their business because she won the 2023 money in the bank briefcase she has the right to cash in. Bianca Asuka Charlotte should be bottom of the line. I remember hall of famer Nikki Bella is longtime regning undefeated women champion.

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