WWE SmackDown April 8, 2022 Results, Card & Preview

WWE SmackDown April 8 2022
Credits – WWE

WWE SmackDown episode of April 8, 2022 will continue to deal with the fallout from WrestleMania 38. WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns has announced that he will announce his next move on this episode.

Additionally, we can expect to know what will happen with the likes on SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, Drew McIntyre, and other top stars.

Keep scrolling to find complete details from WWE Friday Night SmackDown April 8, 2022 episode.

Event Info

  • Show – WWE SmackDown
  • Date – April 8, 2022
  • Location –  Finserv Forum, Milwaukee, WI
  • Time – 8 PM EST

Match Card & Results

  • Xavier Woods defeated Butch in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Gunther defeated Joe Alonzo in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Sami Zayn in a singles match via count-out.
  • Liv Morgan defeated Sasha Banks in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

The show opens with the recap of WrestleMania 38.

Ronda Rousey

Kayla Braxton is in the ring and brings out Ronda Rousey. Kayla says Ronda stayed true to her words and made Charlotte Flair tap and takes us to the replay. The crowd is behind Ronda now. Ronda says she won’t make excuses that she lost. Her mom always told her that you are not going to always fight on your best day, and sometime the referee is not going count. Ronda says she wants a rematch, and she does not want any count-out or disqualification. She wants an “I Quit” match.

Charlotte appears on the big screen and says Ronda could not even beat her in checkers, let alone in “I Quit” match. She adds that she was able to withstand the pressure. Charlotte says Ronda’s nickname of “Baddest Woman” is a myth, and says “no” to their rematch. Ronda replies that she will get the rematch and Flair will scream “I Quit” when she puts Flair’s elbow backward.

Butch vs Xavier Woods

Butch’s SmackDown match is announced against Xavier Woods for tonight. Sheamus and Ridge Holland hypes Butch at Gorilla Position. They make their entrance as we cut to a break.

After the break, Kofi and Woods get on the mic. Kofi congratulates Sheamus and company for their first WrestleMania. They joke and go on to explain that all the records reset here in WWE after WrestleMania and their record is 0-0 at this point now.

Butch hits a big clothesline to start. He unloads on the mat. Woods goes to send him into the corner and unloads for a bit. Butch avoids a corner splash and hits a big kick to the face. He works on Woods’ arm and Woods gets his leg on the ropes. Butch snaps his fingers. Woods hits a big shot and brings Butch down. Butch slips to the floor. He cuts off Woods’ dive and drops him on the apron to take us to the break.

Butch is in control as we return. More joint manipulation from Butch. He hits big forearms while Woods is down. Butch puts on shoulder stretch. Woods gets back to his feet and hits chops and punches, forcing Butch to the ropes. Butch misses clotheslines before Woods nails him with a running forearm. Butch counters a suplex but Woods him with an Enziguiri. A Gamengiri follows.

Butch comes back with a big right hand. Butch stomps on his hand and hits big kick to the face to get a near fall. Butch with more stomps to the face. Woods avoids a charge and gets Butch in a small package for the pin and the win.

Winner – Xavier Woods

Woods slips to the floor immediately and celebrates with Kofi on the ramp. Butch is angry at the loss. He unloads on Ridge Holland as he comes to calm him down. Sheamus and Holland scream at Butch and try to calm him down.

We get the recap of how Sami Zayn lost the Anything Goes match to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38 after being trapped under a big mousetrap. We cut to backstage where Sami is arguing with WWE official Adam Pearce over how they let it happen to him. Pearce says it was Sami’s idea in the first place. Sami wants his respect. He wants a match against the next person that walks through Adam Pearce’s door. Drew McIntyre comes out of the door. Sami says it will be the next person.

Gunther vs Joe Alonzo

Ludwig Kaiser(Marcel Barthel) is introduced. He appears on the stage and introduces Gunther. Gunther makes his way to the ring as we cut to a break.

After the break, Joe Alonzo is in the ring to face Gunther. Gunther smacks him all around and hits a powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner – Gunther

We cut to backstage and Raquel Rodriguez(Gonzalez) makes her SmackDown debut with an interview with Kayla Braxton. Rodriguez talks about how Smackdown’s Women’s division is the best. She gets interrupted by Los Lotharios – Angel and Humberto. They welcome Rodriguez to Smackdown and says it is a tradition for them to kiss to welcome the newcomers. Rodriguez replies it’s not happening. Angel and Humberto leave. Rodriguez asks Kayla if they are always as annoying.

“Saddest” Happy Talks!

Corbin says this was supposed to be the happiest Happy Talk as he was supposed to be rambling over his win over Drew. Corbin says he is ready to introspect. When he was on his yatch and was thinking about his match, he realized that Madcapp Moss was the one responsible for his loss to Drew McIntyre. If it was not for Moss coming to the apron, he would not have got distracted.

Moss apologizes but Corbin cuts him off and says Moss made it all about himself, winning Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Corbin says Moss is getting too big for his suspenders. Corbin tells him to say a joke. Moss makes a couple of bad jokes. Corbin is not laughing. He gives Moss one last chance to tell him a funny joke, like his job depends on it, because it does.

Moss tells the joke, what do you call a person who treats his friends like garbage? – Happy Corbin. Corbin gets frustrated and attacks Moss. Moss fights back and they to the floor. Corbin sends him into the barricade for a few times. Moss then smacks Corbin to the announce table. Moss brings him back to the ring. He hits a big clothesline to send Corbin back to the floor. Moss hits the corner and screams as he celebrates. Moss starts to throw Happy Talks set from the ring. He stomps on Corbin’s hat. Corbin walks back.

Jinder Mahal is backstage and is mad over not having a match at WrestleMania. He wants a Intercontinental title match against Ricochet. Ronda Rousey comes in and stares down Mahal to leave. Ronda asks Pearce whether she is getting her match. Pearce replies that he is trying and we should get an answer by tomorrow.

Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn

Sami slips to the floor as the bell rings. The referee starts to count him out. Sami returns to the ring and then gets out of the ring again in fear. Drew follows him out this time and sends him into the barricade. Drew drops him into the barricade before returning to the ring. Sami hits a big boot as Drew charges at him. Drew comes back with a couple of belly-to-belly suplex. Sami goes to the floor again. Drew drops him on the announce table now.

Drew brings him back to the ring. Sami slips out of the other side. The referee starts to count him out again. Drew chases after him and resets the count. Drew drops Sami from behind and brings him back to the ring. Drew goes for the Claymore but Sami runs away again, and this time into the crowd. Drew does not follow him this time. The referee counts out Sami and Drew gets the win.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Drew celebrates his win and points his sword toward Sami.

After the break, we get the recap of Pat McAfee vs Austin Theory match at WrestleMania.

Lacey Evans is back and is backstage for a promo. She talks about coming from humble background and how her mother suffered physical, emotional and mental abuse from her father. She tells us how her mother put everything in a bag and they left her father’s home. Evans talks about all the hardships they had to face, but she decided to be the best that she can be, leading it for her to become a good mother, a US Marine and a WWE Superstar.

Sasha Banks vs Liv Morgan

Sasha ducks clothesline and hits a big clothesline. She sends Liv to the corner and misses her move. Liv hits a lucha arm drag and an inverted surfboard stomp. Liv hits a dropkick before Sasha comes back with a lungblower. Morgan is down on the floor as we go to break.

Back from the commercial, Sasha is in control. She hits a snap suplex. Sasha misses a frog splash from the top. Morgan hits an enzuigiri. Sasha blocks the second one, but Liv hits a Codebreaker. They go on to trade pin attempts. Sasha hits kick to the ribs. Liv replies with a Codebreaker for a two-count. Liv hits more kicks. Liv with running double knees in the corner and follows with a snapmare. Sasha cuts her off charge with a knee. She goes for a superplex but Liv counters with a small package for the pin and the win.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Roman’s Next Step

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with The Usos and Paul Heyman. We cut to a break.

After the break, Roman takes the mic. He says SmackDown and Universal Championship were not enough for him. Therefore, he went onto WrestleMania and defeated Brock Lesnar to bring the World title from RAW also. Roman says while he has two titles, his cousins only have two titles between the two of them. It’s time to unite the tag team titles as well. So, he wants the Usos to go to RAW and win the RAW Tag Team Championship also. Roman wants them to do this not only for themselves, but for the Bloodline also.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance to interrupt them. Nakamura gets into the ring. Before Nakamura could say anything, Roman says he understand what Nakamura wants to say. Roman says Nakamura lost his partner Rick Boogs to an injury, just like they lost Jimmy for well over a year. Roman hugs Nakamura. Nakamura is confusded. When Roman lets Nakamura go, The Usos drops Nakamura with double superkick. Roman raises both his titles and celebrates with the Usos. The show goes off the air.


Roman’s Next Move: Roman Reigns brought down Brock Lesnar successfully to become the unified WWE & Universal Champion. He appeared on WWE RAW earlier this week to get his acknowledgment. He also said that he will reveal his next move on SmackDown this week. What will it be?

Will Ronda get another shot at the title?: Charlotte Flair managed to defeat Ronda Rousey to hand her just second singles loss in WWE and retained SmackDown Women’s title. However, the win did not come before a referee bump and Flair tapping out during it. So, will Ronda Rousey get another shot at the title?

What’s Next for Drew McIntyre?: Drew McIntyre successfully defeated Happy Corbin at WrestleMania. With Corbin behind, will McIntyre finally start moving towards the World title?

Evans to Return?: Lacey Evans is rumored to return to Smackdown 6 months after the birth of her second child. Will it be the case?

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  1. I like to watch the wwe for the fun of it and I know most of it is scripted as to who is to win, but the bout between Reigns and Lesner was won by Lesner no doubt about it, and Reigns did get hurt and should have been counted out, just admit he got hurt and you cut it short and gave it to him so we can quit hearing acknowledge me.

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