WWE RAW Results June 3, 2024, Winners, Highlights

Sheamus vs Kaiser WWE RAW June 3
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW June 3, 2024 episode featured Liv Morgan opening the show. Sheamus took on Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match. Damian Priest and Finn Balor were in action against Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee respectively. Bron Breakker was in action against Ricochet. Tune in below for the results and updates from WWE RAW this week.


Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan came out to the ring. She talked about her revenge tour where she had taken out Rhea Ripley and sent Becky Lynch into early retirement. Dominik Mysterio came out to the ring to confront her, but the booing from the crowd did not let him speak much. He only ended up warning her about Rhea Ripley. Liv continued to flirt with him and cornered Dominik against the turnbuckle. Finn Balor ran out to intervene and save Dominik from more embarrassment. Balor told Liv to leave Dominik alone. Liv asked if Dominik wanted to be left alone. Liv left the ring.

Sheamus got a brief interview backstage before his match.

Ludwig Kaiser defeated Sheamus in a singles match. Kaiser worked on Sheamus’ knee throughout the match. Sheamus fought his back but failed to hit Brogue kick due to the knee. Sheamus then hit Beats of Bothran but Kaiser pulled him off the top rope and rolled him up to get the pinfall.

Finn Balor tried to leave Liv Morgan’s chapter behind but Damian Priest did not let Dominik Mysterio off the hook, asking if he had sorted things with Rhea.

Ilja Dragunov came in to check on Ricochet. Dragunov warned Ricochet about Breakker being wired differently. Ricochet was not listening to any of it.

We got a quick video package for Dragon Lee before his match against Finn Balor.

Finn Balor defeated Dragon Lee in a singles match. Lee was on the top after fighting adversity when Carlito tried to interfere. Lee beat up Carlito and JD McDonagh on the floor. Balor caught him with a shotgun dropkick and Coupe De Grace to get the win.

After the match, Carlito and Balor beat up Lee for a while but Rey Mysterio brought out Braun Strowman who ran over Judgment Day.

Backstage, Damian Priest was angry at Judgment Day that Strowman was not taken care of. He told Carlito that if he wanted to be a prospect for Judgment Day, he should take care of Strowman.

Sami Zayn came out to the ring. He said he would end the problems between him and Chad Gable at Clash at the Castle with a title match. He asked Chad Gable to come out. Instead, Maxxine Dupri, Akira Tozawa, and Otis came out with a message from Gable. Maxxine read a statement from Gable to tell Sami to give him a title shot. Sami Zayn agreed to the match. Sami then tried to get through them and turn them against Gable. Gable attacked Sami from behind. Gable then started bickering against his team members again. He called out Maxxine for being a dive, Tozawa for being a ninja before joining him and taking a shot at Otis for failing to hold onto Money in the Bank. Otis started to get angry on Gable with the crowd also behind him. Sami then recovered to fight Gable but Gable sent him into Otis who then got shoved into Maxxine and Tozawa on the apron to knock them out. Otis then started getting angry on Sami which allowed Chad to lay out Sami. While Otis, Maxxine and Tozawa left, Gable pose with the Intercontinental Championship.

Bron Breakker was getting ready for his match backstage when Adam Pearce told him that Ricochet has a match is because Ricochet requested it.

Chad Gable sarcastically praised Alpha Academy backstage. He praised Maxxine for acting hurt while she was genuinely injured.

Bron Breakker defeated Ricochet in a singles match. Breakker countered Ricochet on the top rope to hit an avalanche hurricanrana and then hit a spear to get the pinfall.

After the match, Breakker continued beating Ricochet on the floor. He grabbed the ring steps but some referees and officials ran out to stop him. Ilja Dragunov ran out. Breakker tossed the ring steps at him and ran back through the crowd.

Kiana James defeated Natalya in a singles match by hitting 401K to get the pinfall.

New Day were backstage for an interview when Karrion Kross interrupted them again for an argument.

Braun Strowman defeated Carlito in a singles match by hitting a powerslam to get the pinfall.

JD McDonagh, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio attacked Strowman after the match. Strowman fought back. He knocked off the chair from Dominik’s hands and chased him down to the floor. Liv Morgan ran out to act as the shield. Strowman was beaten down from behind. Liv tried flirting with Dominik once again. Finn Balor came in between and stopped them.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill came out to the ring. They cut a promo but got interrupted by Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler. Belair and Cargill said since they were looking for a title match, she would be happy. Adam Pearce came out to make the title match official.

Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill defeated Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler in a tag team match via disqualification to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn attack Belair and Cargill to cause the DQ.

Jey Uso came out to stand in between the crowd. He cut a promo from there itself and hyped himself to become the next Mr. Money in the Bank.

Lyra Valkyria was interviewed backstage about Becky Lynch. Iyo Sky attacked her from behind.

Authors of Pain(Akam & Rezar) defeated New Day(Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) in a tag team match by hitting What A Rush on Woods after Kross distracted Kofi.

Damian Priest defeated Rey Mysterio in the main event singles match. Carlito came out to distract Rey in the final moments of the match. Dragon Lee ran out to counter but other Judgment Day members also came out. Rey took out everyone with a dive. As he came back to the top rope, Priest caught him with a chokeslam to get the pinfall.

After the match, Drew McIntyre attacked Priest and other Judgment Day members. McIntyre then got into an argument with Michael Cole on the announce table. Priest recovered and hit Maxxine with a chokeslam through the announce table.

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