WWE RAW Results August 22, 2022, Live Updates: Edge vs Priest

WWE RAW August 22 2022
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Welcome to the WWE RAW Results blog for the August 22, 2022 episode, which will be airing from Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

The show will feature a big match for Damian Priest as he takes on his former stable leader and hometown hero Edge. We will also see the semifinal for WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match between Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

Another local legend will be appearing in Trish Stratus. Currently, it is not sure in what capacity will she be on the show. We can expect more build-up towards Clash at the Castle event for the matches like Seth Rollins vs Riddle, and a possible new contender to face United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

We will post all the results from the WWE RAW August 22, 2022 episode with live action, live updates, winners, highlights, videos, and more details.

Results from WWE RAW August 22, 2022

  • Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky defeated Alexa Bliss & Asuka in WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal match via pinfall.
  • Finn Balor defeated Dolph Ziggler in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kevin Owens defeated Chad Gable in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bayley defeated Aliyah in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ciampa & The Miz defeated Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles in a tag team match via disqualification.
  • Edge defeated Damian Priest in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Seth Rollins and Riddle are already brawling backstage as the show opens. They come out and go into the crowd as the brawling continues. Crew and Security try to get things under control, but are having a hard time in it. They are finally separated and taken to backstage in separate directions.

Trish is Back Home!

The show now opens with a pyro. Trish Stratus makes her entrance in front of her hometown crowd. Trish takes the mic and says she has returned home, not just the city, but also to the ring. She is interrupted by Bayley’s music, who comes out with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.

Bayley is in the ring and says RAW is the best as they are with Trish. Iyo, Kai and Bayley act fan as they are her number 1 fans. Bayley then changes her tone and asks her what is she doing here. Trish says she is here to watch Edge vs Priest match. Kai cuts her off and says nobody care what she has to say. Bayley goes on a rant to tell her that she is the past and this is there show now.

Bianca Belair’ music hits and she comes out. Bianca mocking asks Bayley who is Trish Stratus. She says Trish ran so they could be walking here. Bianca says Trish is a trailblazer and a legend, and this is her city, so Bayley should stop disrespecting Trish. Trish removes her jacket and says she could simply unretire. Bayley also removes her jacket and says that they are outnumbered. Alexa Bliss and Asuka come out and join Trish and Bianca to outnumber the heels. Bayley says she is feeling generous with Trish’s hometown and they will leave the fighting for later.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal

Asuka and Iyo start the match. Iyo ducks and tags in Kai. Kai and Asuka take each other down with side headlocks before Asuka hits a kick. Kai is sent to the floor where she is regrouping. She returns to the apron at 8 and Asuka hits her with a hip attack. Alexa knocks off Iyo beside Kai to take us to a break.

Iyo and Alexa are fighting in the middle. Alexa takes her down and gets a two-count. Iyo trips her. Alexa does the same moments later and hits a moonsault and knee drop to get a two-count. Asuka tags in and stomps on Iyo’s hand. They go back and forth on the ropes before Iyo nailed Asuka with a kick. Kai tags in and ducks a kick from Asuka to hit some kicks of her own. Asuka takes her down with a hip toss and hits koala kicks to her face.

Bliss comes in for big right before Asuka hits Kai with a bulldog. Both women get pin attempts with backslide and crucifixes. Alexa hits a dropkick to send Kai to the floor. She also kicks Iyo to the floor and hits a senton from the apron. Alexa poses for a while before attempting to bring Kai back to the ring. Kai counters with a pump kick on the apron to take us to the break.

Sky stops Bliss from making a tag. Bliss kicks her to the face and tags in Asuka. Asuka hits a tackle on Iyo. A hip attack knocks off Kai. Another hip attack to Iyo, before some quick spinning kicks and German suplex gets her a two-count on Iyo. Asuka hits more kicks before she gets distracted by Kai, who drops her on the ropes. Sky hits double knees on the ropes and a springboard missile dropkick on Asuka. Alexa breaks the pin.

Kai comes in and Asuka hits her with a kick. Kai replies with a Scorpion kick. Asuka misses a hip attack on the ropes and Kai hits her with a big boot. Asuka kicks out of the pin. She tags in Asuka who hits a double DDT on Iyo and Kai. Asuka comes in for some double team on Kai and then puts her in Asuka lock. Sky breaks the submission. Alexa tags in now. Kai gets her knees up on the moonsault. Asuka hits her kicks on Kai. Sky takes a blind tag. Asuka puts Kai in the Asuka lock again and Kai taps out. Sky, who is the legal woman, rolls up Asuka to get the pin.

Winner – Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Dolph Ziggler who will be facing Finn Balor. Patrick asks him what is his strategy this week after his loss to Theory. Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley cut him off. Balor tells him to stop with the excuses and says she is same as Edge and Rey Mysterio, trying to harp on younger ones to keep himself relevant. Ziggler slaps Balor and tells him to come to meet him in the ring.

We see a replay from Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre’s segment from SmackDown last week.

Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor

They lock up to start the match. Ziggler gets to a waistlock. Balor misses a back elbow and Ziggler puts on a headlock. Ziggler hits a tackle now. Ziggler hits a dropkick next before unloading in the corner. Balor takes him down and unloads on the mat. Balor sends Ziggler’s face to the corner. This continues for a few times. Ziggler starts to fight back with punches. Balor whips him to the corner hard to take us to a break.

Balor has Ziggler in a headlock. Ziggler hits a jawbreaker. Balor hits a kick to midsection. Ziggler hits a back elbow in the corner. Balor misses in the corner before Ziggler runs him down. Ziggler unloads in the corner before a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for a two-count. Balor counters with drop and hits kicks to his chest. Ziggler gets a two-count with a roll-up before Balor counters famouser to hit a sit-out powerbomb to get a near fall.

Ziggler cuts off a dropkick with a dropkick of his own. Ziggler hits a spiking DDT to get a two-count. Balor’s 1916 is countered with famouser for a near fall for Ziggler. Balor hits a missile dropkick. Ziggler avoids Coupe de Grace and hits zig-zag, bit Balor kicks out of the pin. They trade punches in the middle now. Balor hits a low kick. Ziggler answers with a headbutt. Rhea takes a cheap shot at Ziggler on the apron. Balor hits a 1916 DDT and Coupe de Grace to get the pin.

Winner – Finn Balor

Aliyah is backstage for an interview. She is asked about the semifinal match and says she is a beauty, and Raquel is a beast. Bayley, Sky and Kai interrupt her. Bayley goes on talk about a match for her to prepare for semifinals. The trash talk continues for while before Trish Stratus comes in and asks Bayley when she is returning to the ring. Aliyah challenges Bayley for a match and she accepts. The trio leaves and we see Adam Pearce showing a pic of Dexter Lumis to security.

Chad Gable and Otis come out to the ring for their open challenge. We cut to a break.

After the break, Chad Gable in on the mic and says he looked out to add a new student to Alpha Academy, but could not find anyone. He starts to take shots at the crowd and Toronto’s Ice Hockey team, who lost to Tampa Bay. He brings up Josh Mathews’ name and talks trash with his name for a while. Gable then puts out an open challenge for anyone from Canada to face him right away. Gable waits for a while, but no one comes out. Gable mocks Canada some more before Kevin Owens finally comes out to answer the challenge.

Chad Gable vs Kevin Owens

Owens unloads on Gable to start the match. Gable rolls to the floor and Owens nails him with more shots on the floor. Gable catches him with a kick as he was returning. Gable puts on a side headlock. Owens hits him with a tackle before hitting some chops in the corner. Gable blocks a chop and punches him in the throat. Gable hits some chops before Owens runs him over with a clothesline and a senton.

Owens was going for a cannonball but Gable slips out of the ring. Gable hits a T-Bone suplex on the floor. Gable was looking for a senton from the apron, but Owens trips him. Owens’ powerbomb is countered with a German suplex on the apron. Owens is down on the floor as we cut to a break.

Owens hits a German suplex as we return. Owens catches the ropes to stop a suplex and hits a German suplex of his own. Owens then hits a cannonball in the corner. Owens is hobbling a bit on his left leg. They trade some shots in the middle. Gable hits a kick to Owens’ injured leg. Owens hits a brainbuster on his knee before hitting a frog splash from the top to get a near fall. Gable counters a stunner with a bridging German Suplex to get a two-count. Gable hits a diving headbutt from the top now to get a near fall.

Gable puts Owens on the top rope for a superplex. Owens hits back and drops him to the mat with a headbutt. Gable jumps back but Owens hits an avalanche muscle buster to get a near fall. Gable gets his knees up on the senton from the top. Owens avoids a moonsault and hits a pop-up powerbomb to get the pin.

Winner – Kevin Owens

Otis attacks Owens from behind. Otis misses a running tackle in the corner. Owens looks for a powerbomb on Gable on the apron but Otis runs him over with a clothesline. Otis takes Owens back to the ring and Owens counters by hitting a stunner. Gable comes in and Owens drops him on Otis with a powerbomb. Owens poses for the crowd amid huge cheers.

Judgment Day trio are backstage. Rhea Ripley talks about dominating everyone in the ring and then takes a shot at “Believers.” Balor chimes in by saying that Dominik might now be enjoying getting beat up by Rhea now. Balor adds that Rey Mysterio is in his pocket and shows a name tag on his inner pocket. Priest then talks about taking down Edge in Toronto itself.

Aliyah vs Bayley

Bayley starts by slamming Aliyah’s face to the mat. Aliyah rolls her up for a two-count. A bit of back and forth. Aliyah ducks a clothesline from Bayley and hits her with a hip toss. She hits a crossbody to get a two-count. Bayley grabs her ear and takes a shot. Bayley hits a German suplex before hitting some kicks. Bayley continues to dominate Aliyah for a while. Bayley puts on a chinlock. Aliyah tosses her but Bayley gets the control back in the corner. A low clothesline follows from Bayley to get a two-count.

Bayley puts on a chinlock again. She throws Aliyah to the corner when she tries to get back up. Aliyah hits some body shots. Bayley catches her crossbody and slams her to the corner. Bayley hits a big shot at her back. Aliyah manages to throw her out of the ring. Aliyah drops Bayley on the floor with a bulldog. A Thesz Press in the ring by Aliyah to get a two-count. She counters a whip and takes down Bayley to put her in the single leg crab. Bayley rolls over and hits a monkey flip. Bayley hits Rose Plant to get the pin.

Winner – Bayley

Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai come out to the ramp to celebrate with Bayley.

AJ Styles and United States Champion Bobby Lashley are walking backstage. Ciampa and The Miz make their entrance for the match.

Ciampa & The Miz vs Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles

AJ and Ciampa start. AJ nails a dropkick and brings in Lashley who hits a delayed vertical suplex. Miz tags in and looks for a Skull Crushing Finale. A bit of back and forth before AJ drops Miz on his knees. Lashley throws Ciampa out of the ring and onto Miz as we cut to a break.

Ciampa puts on a chinlock on AJ in the middle of the ring now. Miz tags in and hits knees to AJ’s back. Miz puts on a chinlock. AJ hits back with elbow to midsection. Miz hits him with a DDT to get a two-count. Ciampa tags in and splits AJ’s legs with Miz. Ciampa puts on a bulldog chinlock. AJ hits a jawbreaker on Ciampa and a Pele kick on Miz when he tags in.

Lashley gets the hot tag against Ciampa and runs him with a clothesline. He hits clothesline on Miz before hitting corner tackles on both opponents. He hits a DDT combo on both opponents now. Ciampa rolls to the floor and Lashley drives him to the ringpost. Miz pulls Ciampa out of the ring when Lashley was going for a spear. Ciampa catches Lashley with willlow’s bell on the ropes for a near fall. Lashley blocks Fairytale ending and hits a spear. Miz breaks the pin.

AJ sends him to the floor and hits him with jumping forearm. Somebody jumps on AJ from the crowd and it is not Dexter Lumis. Dexter Lumis was on the other side in a helmet. He removes his helmet and grabs Miz in a choke. He drags Miz through the crowd and up the stairs. The referee calls for disqualification.

Winner – The Miz & Ciampa

Ciampa is fighting with Lashley in the ring still. AJ hits a gamengiri and a phenomenal Forearm on Ciampa. Lashley finishes off Ciampa with a spear. Lashley and AJ stand tall in the ring to close the segment.

Look Who is Back?

We cut to the ring and Johnny Gargano is making his return. Gargano stand in the middle of the ring as he gets a loud ovation. Gargano introduces himself for the people who don’t know him, talking about how he was big deal in NXT as he became the first triple crown champion in NXT’s history. Gargano then talks about being away from WWE for 9 months. He goes on to talk about the reason for returning.

Gargano says he was playing one day with his “brand new” 6 months old baby(calls him ‘baby wrestling”). He remembered that he had dreams of becoming Intercontinental Championship, US title and WWE Championship. He realized what kind of father he would be if would not try to achieve his own dreams. Therefore, Johnny Wrestling is back in the ring.

Theory’s music hits and he comes out to the stage with some bewildered expressions. He walks down the ramp and into the ring asking if this is for real. The crowd chants “whose your daddy?” Theory says a lot has changed in the last 9 months. Gargano says he has watched a lot of cartoons and changed a lot of diapers. Theory says he has already been United States champion, competed at WrestleMania, and with MITB in his hands, he is about to become the WWE Champion. It is as if he has achieved all of Gargano’s dreams.

Theory says he can be the leader now and Gargano can be the rookie. He proposed Gargano joins him and carry his briefcase, standing behind him as he wins the undisputed Universal Championship. Theory then adds that Gargano decides not to support him, then he should just go back. Theory then asks Gargano to do the Way’s High Five for old times’ sakes. Gargano instead nails him with a superkick.

Kurt Angle is announced for RAW next week. Damian Priest makes his entrance for the match. He is alone. No Judgment Day. Edge makes his big entrance in his hometown. We cut to a break.

Edge vs Damian Priest

Beth Pheonix in in the front row as the bell ring. They lock and come to a stalemate as Priest takes Edge to the corner. Edge throws Priest to the outside when they lock up again. Priest hits a kick to cut off Edge from the ropes. Edge jabs at him and trips him. Priest’s momentum is cut off again by a shove from Edge. Edge throws him to the floor to add to his frustrations. The crowd gets behind Edge after the exchange.

Priest returns to the ring now. Edge uses his momentum to send him to the corner. Priest stomps on Edge’s leg and takes a shot at his face. Priest sends Edge to the corner and unloads. Edge plays some mind games when he slips to the floor from the whip. Edge takes a big shot at Priest after playing cat and mouse with him. Edge drops Priest on the barricade with a powerbomb to take us to the break.

Edge avoids a move as we return. They trade shots and a double boot drop both of them. Edge hits a flapjack. Priest misses him in the corner and Edge hits a neckbreaker on the ropes for a two-count. Priest slips to the floor and Edge jumps on him from the top with a double ax handle. Both men are down on the floor now. Edge gets up and breaks the count. Priest hits him with a chokeslam on the ropes. Priest drops him on the announce table with Razor’s Edge. We cut to a break with Edge laid out on the floor.

Edge hits a hurricanrana from the top rope as we return from the break. Edge goes for a spear but Damian hits him with a spinning kick and unprettier to get a near fall. They trade big shots in the middle now. Edge hits a big boot. Priest htis a spinning elbow. Edge hits a DDT and falls on Edge to get a two-count. Priest hits Reckoning in the middle of the ring now, but does not go for the cover. Priest gets ready for a spear now. Edge counters with South of Heaven Chokeslam to get a near fall.

Edge goes for a sharpshooter but Priest kicks him away. Edge takes out the referee as he falls back. Priest hits him with a chokeslam. Priest brings in steel chairs but Edge avoids the con-chair-to. Edge nails him with a shot. He breaks a chair’s leg and puts on crossface using it for a while. Edge gets ready for the spear but Priest nails him with chair leg. The referee takes sometime to return to the ring and Edge recovers to kick out of the pin. Edge counters Razor’s Edge with a Canadian Destroyer and hits a spear to get the pin.

Winner – Edge

After the bell, Edge prepares for a con-chair-to, but Rhea Ripley arrives to the ring to hit him with a lowblow. Balor hits him with Coupe de Grace. Balor gets his hands on a chair but Beth Pheonix snatches it away from him. Beth Pheonix protects Edge from further attack and forces Judgment Day to go back. Edge gets up as the show goes off the air.

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